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Creating an age-friendly district.

The Timaru District Council Age-Friendly Strategy is a region-wide, cross-sector programme aiming to enhance the wellbeing of older people in our district.

By fostering collaboration among the Timaru District Council, aged-sector organisations and our communities, this plan strives to make our region a place where older people feel valued and included.

Timaru District Council has a high proportion of older people and will experience an increasing proportion of older residents in future years.

Currently the 65+ age population is about 24% of the total population of the district. By 2048 nearly one third of the population will be aged 65 and over.

The greater the number of older people in our community, the greater the need is for affordable and accessible housing, improved access to medical and health systems, and associated community and age-related services.

The Age-Friendly Strategy has been developed from community discussions, a survey, and consultation with older people and stakeholders to identify issues for improvement.

This will lead the way to building liveable communities where people can ‘age-in-place’ and progress actions that will make the Timaru District an even more vibrant and age-friendly community.

Age-Friendly Strategy 2022-2025

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024