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Signs - Church Street Overbridge

Signs are permitted to be erected on the Church Street Overbridge subject to the following conditions:

  1. Signs shall not be erected unless authorised and then only when satisfying the below listed requirements of Council.
  2. Written applications must be submitted providing contact details of the type of event, required date of display and wording content of the sign and the community organisation, charity or group involved.
  3. To satisfy Waka Kotahi requirements the signs are to be constructed of coreflute.  Other materials are not permitted.
  4. Signs promoting local (Timaru District) community events or charities, or signs which promote community health or wellbeing may be displayed. No sign will be approved which promotes a financial gain to any individual or commercial organisation.
  5. The total size of a banner shall not exceed 3 square metres in area and must not be greater than 4.8 metres in length or 900 millimetres in depth, (eg. 4.8 x 0.620m, 3.35 x 0.900m etc)
  6. During installation and removal of the sign/s, two people must be present and will wear high-vis vests throughout the duration of installation and removal.
  7. Attachments to the handrail uprights shall be with materials that have a high resistance to cutting or breaking.  Electrical industry cable ties are required at a maximum 600mm centres to secure sign.  String or rope bindings are not permitted.  Bindings are to be removed from the site when the sign is taken down.
  8. The wording on the sign is to be of a size capable of being easily read by passing motorists and must be professionally painted.  The sign must include the name of the Community Organisation or Charity involved.  Note:  the letter size of words and message length must be compatible with reading times available to drivers (ie. big and less is better).
  9. Signs are to be erected for not more than two weeks.  The two weeks may not necessarily be those immediately before the event.
  10. There may be no more than 2 signs per event.  Note that there may be up to three events advertised at any one time.
  11. Applicants are responsible to regularly check the security of the sign and its attachments, and to remove the sign at the end of the period stated, ensuring that the area is left in a clean and tidy condition.
  12. Council reserves the right to remove any sign which does not comply or which is the subject of a complaint lodged by any other authority having jurisdiction.  Costs may be recovered in such cases.
  13. Signs are erected at the pleasure of Council and Waka Kotahi and in the event of a sign being judged unsuitable, unsafe or otherwise unacceptable then it must be removed forthwith.

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