Social Housing

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The Council manages and maintains 236 housing units.

The aim is to provide low rent one bedroom accommodation for low income members of the community. Management includes handling applications, arranging payments, property maintenance and liaison with tenants.

Tenant satisfaction is assessed annually. There is no financial input from ratepayers.


  • Be receiving a WINZ superannuation, veteran’s pension, assisted living payment (health condition), or current equivalent permanent benefit.
  • Have a housing need (in that the applicant’s current accommodation is unsuitable for various reasons, which the applicant may list in the application form).
  • An applicant’s income is to be equal or less than the Work and Income New Zealand income limit for Non-beneficiary Accommodation Supplement.
  • An applicant’s household asset (including property and other assets) limit is equal to two times the Work and Income New Zealand income limit for Non-beneficiary Accommodation Supplement.
  • The non-beneficiary income limit information is set annually and can be found on the Work and Income website
  • An Application must include a Doctors letter recommending the applicant for a Council unit, stating that the applicant is capable of caring for themselves and listing any physical or mental disabilities which may make some of our units unsuitable.
  • An Application must also include a letter of reference from the applicant’s current landlord if applicable.
  • If Credit Check results are not suitable, we will not proceed with application.
  • If an applicant has a prior criminal conviction held on record at the time of application, this must be divulged with appropriate details. The applicant is not required to divulge such details which have been cleared under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004.

Once the application is received, Council’s Property Social Housing Officer will contact the applicant to discuss their application in order to assess their circumstances or inform that they don’t meet the criteria.  This assessment is based on the interview, application, Doctor’s letter, credit check results and any other relevant circumstances. The assessment, in the form of a score, is then placed next to the applicant’s name on the Council unit wait list, then the applicant will be contacted by mail or email and advised of their assessment.

Council reserves the right to decline any application.

Enquiries: Please telephone Customer Services, (03) 687 7200, or email

Last updated: 05 Jul 2023