Amusement Devices & Marquees

Building Overview

What is an Amusement Device

These are generally pleasure rides that are available to the public. They include things like merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels.

Amusement Devices come under the control of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Labour) and need to be registered by obtaining a Permit to Operate an Amusement Device (Amusement Devices Regulations 1978).

Bouncy castles, inflatable slides and non-powered playground equipment are not Amusement Devices and do not require a permit.

Permit to Operate

Before a registered device is operated, you must apply to the appropriate local authority for a permit.

The applicant must provide:

  • Completed application form (including dates)
  • Certificates of Registration of an Amusement Device
  • Date and time of inspection required
  • Payment - quote fee code 02020.011.0155

The Building Officer will inspect and then issue a Permit to Operate an Amusement Device.

Amusement Device Fees

For 2020/2021
One device, for the first seven days of proposed operation or part thereof$11.50
Each additional device operated by the same owner, for the first seven days or part thereof$2.30
Each device, for each further period of seven days or part thereof$1.15

Amusement device fees are set by legislation.


A building consent is required for marquees exceeding  100m2.

Provided the marquee is going to be used for a period of not more than one month, an application may be made using the marquee building consent application form.

If the marquee is to be used for more than one month then it is considered a "building" and you should talk to the Building Advisory Office to discuss your options.