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Changes to building consenting systems

We are upgrading and streamlining our consenting systems and this will affect how you will submit Building Consent and related applications to the Timaru District Council. The new online portal will be known as the “Simpli” portal and the system for processing and inspecting your applications is called “GoGet”.

Many designers and regular consent applicants will be familiar with the Simpli portal as it is used by many other councils around the country. Due to this change, a completely paperless system, there are a few things that you will need to be aware of and to get prepared for, as our change on 27 November 2020 is fast approaching.

Below a number of key points that all building owners, consent applicants and other trades need to know.

Applying and submitting applications

  • Applications including Building Consents (BC), Project Information Memorandum (PIM), Amendments to BC’s, Certificate for Public Use (CPU), Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) shall only be created and submitted by the owner or applicant through the Simpli portal.
  • To do this you will need to create a user login in the Simpli portal
  • The Simpli website has lots of guidance to help you through the application and submission process.
  • Important: No paper / hard copy applications will be accepted after 27 November.


You can receive notifications that will keep you up to date with the status / progress of your consent. You can also login to the Simpli website and check the progress of your consent at any time.

Submitting additional information / documents

All correspondence including additional information, relating to your consent shall be passed through (receive/submit) the Simpli portal, this includes:

  1. Receiving and resubmitting Requests for Further Information (RFI’s).
  2. Licence Building Practitioner (LBP) memorandum’s and records of work.
  3. Electrical certificates.
  4. “As Built” drainage plans.
  5. Producer Statements.
  6. Any 3rd party verification documents.
  7. Any other documents requested or required relating to your consent.

Code compliance certificate (CCC) process

  • All CCC applications and supporting documentation shall only be created and submitted through the Simpli portal. You will attach all required documentation for the CCC through this process, as you would just like the original BC application process.
  • Council staff will not be accepting any paper / hard copy CCC applications.
  • Council inspectors will not be accepting CCC applications on site.
  • Council staff will not be accepting CCC applications or related documentation over the counter.

Other applications

The following applications and notifications are still available on the TDC website under 'Application Forms and Checklists':

  • Exempt building work notifications
  • Discretionary approvals
  • Building complaints

The above application forms must be sent to this address

Help and enquiries

  • If you need any further help with the Simpli portal application process, enquiries relating to LIM’s, property information or any other general building related matters you can contact us by email or phone 03 687 7236 or you can come in and see the Building Advisory Officer between 8.30am to 4.30pm week days.
  • For all general administrative enquiries relating to your building consent you can contact us by the following: or phone 03 687 7200 (ask for duty Building Admin)

Important note

After 27 November 2020, the Building Team will not be accepting any paper / hard copy documents, therefore please take note of the following contact details for submitting applications and documentation.

  • All types of Building Consents
  • Amendments
  • Project Information Memorandum’s
  • Requests for Further Information
  • Certificate for Public Use
  • Code Compliance Certificates
  • Any additional or separate consent related documents

  • Exempt building work notifications
  • Exempt building work Discretionary Decisions
  • Building complaints
  • Swimming pool compliance
  • Earthquake-prone buildings

  • Help and guidance with the use of the Simpli portal
  • Buildings and building work related matters
  • Land Information Memorandum building related enquiries
  • General property information relating to buildings
  • General and historic building consent enquiries

Last updated: 09 Dec 2020