District Licensing Committee

The District Licensing Committee (DLC) considers and determine all applications for liquor licences and managers certificates. The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 required each territorial authority to appoint one or more licensing committees to deal with licensing matters for its district.

Two or more Territorial Authorities can establish a shared list of people approved to be members of the respective DLC. Councils can choose to appoint a neighbouring Territorial Authorities chair as a commissioner to chair its own District Licensing Committee.

The District Licensing Committees came into being on 18 December 2013. Due to the Timaru District Council providing contracted liquor licensing services to Waimate and Mackenzie District Council's, it was agreed that the appointment shall be one of Commissioner rather than Chairperson for the DLC. A shared list of approved members will be used for each Council's DLC and has been appointed by the Councils.

The Committee may consist of the Commissioner sitting alone to determine unopposed applications. Opposed applications require a quorum of two members from the "operating" district plus the Commissioner to hear the application in the district the premises is located.

The membership of the District Licensing Committees is:

Commissioner Sharyn Cain (Deputy Mayor Waimate District Council)
Deputy Chairperson Damon Odey (Mayor Timaru District Council)
Mackenzie DLC Members Graham Smith (Mayor Mackenzie District Council)
Timaru DLC Members Peter Burt (Councillor Timaru District Council)
  Dave Jack (Councillor Timaru District Council)
Waimate DLC Members Craig Rowley (Mayor Waimate District Council)
  Sheila Paul (Councillor Waimate District Council)


Mackenzie District

Timaru District