Waste Minimisation

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What happens if my bin is not emptied?

Phone 03 687 7200

What do I do if my bin is stickered as too heavy?

Remove some product and hold over until your next collection day, or take the surplus to your nearest transfer station.

How much am I allowed to put in my bin?

The maximum weight for any bin is 80 kg. The bin most likely to be too heavy is your green bin. Note: soil is heavy, knock it off before you put weeds in your bin. Distribute weight by by placing heavier items at the top of the bin.

What happens if my collection falls on a public holiday?

Check the newspapers, listen to local radio, or phone 03 687 7200.

How much does my weekly collection cost?

This is charged on your rates as a Waste Management charge, and may differ year to year. Refer to the Solid Waste Fees and Charges page for current charges.

How do I get an extra bin if I need one?

Phone 03 687 7200.

Are there any other options apart from the standard size bins, and how do I change?

Yes, there are options: Additional bins or different sized bins are available on request to the Council phone 687 7200. A charge may apply.

What happens to my collected recycling, composting and waste?

All materials are taken to Redruth Eco-depot: Recyclables are sorted and sold to markets, many of which are now in New Zealand. Organics are made into compost, available for sale in bags at transfer stations, or in bulk at Redruth, Geraldine and Temuka Transfer stations; waste is compacted and deposited in Redruth Landfill.

What happens if I leave where I am living?

The bins belong to the property. You must leave the bins at the property. If your new property does not have bins, phone 03 687 7200.

Last updated: 23 Jun 2020