Waste Minimisation Fees

Fees & charges

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Bin Collection Fees

OptionCompost (Weekly)Recycle (Fortnightly)Rubbish (Fortnightly)Cost per year in Rates
Small 140 litre 140 litre 140 litre $313.00
Standard 240 litre 240 litre 140 litre $313.00
Large 240 litre 240 litre 240 litre $408.00

The small and large options are available on application.

Extra Bin Fees

When extra bins are required (e.g. an extra recycle or rubbish bin for businesses, an extra compost bin for properties with large gardens), these are available on application and will be invoiced pro-rata in the first year. Following years will be charged on rates.

Bin type Compost Recycle Rubbish
Small $121.00 $78.00 $149.00
Large $143.00 $89.00 $214.00

Replacement Bins

Bin TypeCompostRecycleRubbish
Small $100.00 $100.00 $100.00
Large $110.00 $110.00 $110.00

Non-compliant Bin Returns

Return of bins after removal for non-compliance will attract a $75.00 fee per delivery.

Transfer Station After Hours Opening Fees

Days $
Monday to Friday 100.00
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays 150.00

Transfer Station Charges

Geraldine, Temuka, Timaru (for non-permit users)

All Vehicles Charged by Weight : t = Tonne

  • The Council recovers on behalf of Central Government a Waste Levy of $11.50 per tonne.  This is incorporated into the fees.
  • 1 Fee is set by Waste Transformation Limited. Timaru District Council acts as collection agent.
  • Free drop-off facilities for recyclable materials are provided at Council transfer stations.
Type Charge per Tonne Minimum Charge
Rubbish $220.00 / t$10.00
1 Timber Only (Currently at Timaru, Geraldine and Temuka pending) $200.00 / t $10.00
Sand, Soil, Clay $10.00 / t $10.00
Organic $76.00 / t$10.00
Recyclable - Commercial recycling delivered to the Materials Recovery facility $51.00 / t $10.00
Public Weigh  $10.00

Pleasant Point (no weighbridge)

  • The Council recovers, on behalf of Central Government, the Waste Levy of $11.50 per tonne. This is incorporated into the fees.
  • Truck loads not accepted at Pleasant Point
  • All volume based charges for waste include a waste levy charge
  • ii Mixed loads with timber must contain 25% timber waste by volume, not including sheet timber.  Approval by Transfer Station operator required
Car /Small Hatchback
Including Station Wagon or Double Cab Ute
The charge is by measured volume (i.e. load m3 = (X x Y x Z))
iRubbish $10.00 $33.00 / m3
Minimum fee $10.00
iiTimber only $10.00 $25.00 / m3
Minimum fee $10.00
Sand, Soil, Clay $5.00 $10.00
Garden $10.00 $9.00 / m3
Minimum fee $10.00
Recyclable Free Free

Special Waste Streams

  • The Council recovers on behalf of Central Government a Waste Levy of $11.50 per tonne.  This is incorporated into the fees.
  • Customers may apply to the Council for permits for the delivery of the following goods. Criteria apply.
  • Key: t = Tonne

Permit TypeDescription of MaterialsCost of PermitCost of Materials
Organics PermitDelivery of organic materials to the Compost Facility$50.00$66.00 / t
Minimum fee $10.00
Polystyrene PermitDelivery of clean packaging polystyrene to the Materials Recovery Facility$50.00$5.00 / woolsack
$10.00 / m3
Landfill Access Permit (LAP) Waste CategoryDelivery of waste to Redruth Landfill$50.00Waste: $184.00 / t
Minimum fee $38.00

Sorted Timber:  $165.00 / t
Minimum fee $30.00
Landfill Access Permit (LAP) Cleanfill CategoryDelivery of cleanfill to Redruth Landfill$50.00Concrete: $7.00 / t
Minimum fee $10.00
Slurry:  $9.00 / t
Minimum fee $10.00
Other cleanfill:  as notified
Waste Manifest:
Required for Special or Hazardous Waste
Waste Manifest Application processing fee (per application)$25.00$220.00 / t
Minimum fee $10.00
Waste requiring burial  Actual cost + service fee
Minimum fee $120.00

Recycling Services


Computer Screens $10.00
Televisions $15.00
Photocopiers - small & medium (0.1 - 0.5m3) $25.00
Photocopiers - large (> 0.5m3) $45.00

All other miscellaneous electronic items accepted at no charge for households only.

Commercial deliveries (schools, organisations, businesses) please contact Council.
Mice, cellphones GPS units and digital cameras free for commercial deliveries.


Car / 4x4 / Light Truck $5.00
Heavy Truck $15.00
Tractor $70.00
Per tonne $650.00

Compost Sales

As set by Waste Management NZ Limited.

20 L Bags – Premium $5.00
Standard per tonne - Minimum charge $20.00 $100.00
Premium per tonne - Minimum charge $24.00 $120.00
  • Bags available at all transfer stations
  • Bulk compost available at Timaru, Geraldine and Temuka Transfer Stations

Last updated: 16 Dec 2019