Stormwater & your property


You as a property owner, you are responsible to manage the stormwater on your property. This includes managing potential flooding and environmental impacts.

Public vs Private Drainage

The Council public drainage networks collects stormwater from each property, as well as stormwater that runs off roads and footpaths. This public drainage network is owned and maintained by Council.

When rain falls onto lawns, gardens, roofs, driveways and other hard standing areas within a private property, it is collected and drained through private drainage systems. This drainage system is owned by the property owner, and they are responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

Any stormwater problems within a property boundary are the responsibility of the property owner.

Protect the environment

Everyone has a moral and ethical responsibility to keep the stormwater drains free of pollutants and contaminants. Washing your car in the driveway or rinsing paint brushes into stormwater drains can affect the quality of the natural water and harm plants and animals that live downstream (knock-on effects). Property owners can help protect the environment by using features such as rain gardens, permeable paving, or by planting selective native bushes around the streams.

Last updated: 06 Nov 2019