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Resource Consents

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Resource consents are generally not notified if the environmental effects of the activity will be minor and all affected people have given their written approval. If it is decided that an application does not need to be notified, it will not be notified and no submissions will be called for.

However, sometimes it is decided that a proposal is likely to have a broader effect on the environment. It is then considered whether to:

  • Notify the application to those people who may be directly affected (Limited Notification); or
  • Notify the public generally (Public Notification).

Limited notification is considered if the effects of your proposal are minor and you have not obtained the written approvals of everyone who is considered by Council to be affected, those people will then be notified of your application. They will have 20 working days to make a submission supporting or opposing your application. Only those people served with your application are able to make a submission.

Public notification is considered when the effects on the broader environment of your proposal are more than minor. A public notice will appear in the Timaru Herald and online. It will also be notified to those directly by the proposal and those required to be notified under the RMA. Anyone can make a submission supporting or opposing the application within 20 working days.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021