Resource Consent Fees

Resource Consents

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Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991 enables Council to charge additional fees to recover actual and reasonable costs where the lodgement fee is inadequate. These fees are set by Council and effective from 1 July each year.

When the total cost to process an application exceeds the lodgement fee in Table One of the Planning Fees and Charges, The additional fees are charged at the rates specified in Table Two of the fee schedule.

The Council will refund part of the fixed fee if the work required to process the application is less than the fixed fee.

The lodgement fee will be required to accompany the application. An invoice will be sent for additional fees. The lodgement fee is a deposit only and may not be the complete charge. There may be additional fees or a part refund as explained above.

Discounts shall be paid on administrative charges for applications for resource consent and applications to change or cancel conditions that are not processed within the statutory timeframes. The discounts shall be in accordance with the Regulations to the Resource Management Act 1991.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021