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The Resource Management Act (1991) (RMA) is the main piece of legislation that sets out how we should manage our environment. It is based on the idea of the sustainable management of our resources, and it encourages us (as communities and individuals) to plan for the future environment.

The Timaru District Council is required to produce a District Plan which specifies rules relating to development and use of land within the Timaru District. There are some activities that may be specifically authorised by the RMA or by a rule in the District Plan. Any activites that are not permitted by the RMA or by a rule in the District Plan require a resource consent before they can be carried out.

A resource consent allows you to undertake an activity on a particular site that is not provided for within the District Plan. A Resource Consent may also have conditions attached to manage the effects of the activity. Timaru District Council issues two types of resource consent, being land use consent and subdivision consent.

Last updated: 23 Jun 2020