Subdivision Consents

Resource Consents

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If you want to complete a subdivision you will need resource consent. The District Plan contains specific rules about subdivision. Subdivision can include:

  • Boundary adjustments;
  • The creation of two or more freehold titles;
  • Amendments to cross-lease, unit title and company lease plans to show additions, alterations and accessory buildings;
  • The conversion of cross lease to freehold titles; and
  • The creation of unit title developments.

Your application will include all the requirements of a land use resource consent application, including a preliminary subdivision plan.

An approved subdivision consent will usually have a number of conditions which may require other approvals, for example, building consent and engineering approval.

There are also additional steps for subdivision consent under sections 223 and 224(c) of the RMA that are required to be meet before your site is subdivided.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021