Resource Consents

Once you have worked out that you need a resource consent, you will need to gather together the relevant information. While you may be able to prepare an application yourself, it is often advisable to talk to a planning consultant. They can advise on the merits of your activity and if appropriate prepare your resource consent application on your behalf.

To apply for a resource consent an application form needs to be completed and submitted to Council for processing along with any other required documents and the lodgement fee. To avoid delays and unexpected costs with your resource consent application it is recommended that you:

1 Talk to our planning staff early in your project planning Organising a pre-application meeting can help both you and the Council. Timaru District Council has staff available to meet with you before you submit your application. This meeting can be used to ensure that your application contains all the required information.
2 Complete an application form

You can download the Form 9 - resource consent application or obtain one from Council's main office. The application form outlines all the information required when lodging an application for processing. This information includes:

  • Detailed site plans;
  • A recent Certificate of Titles; and
  • An Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE).

An AEE is a key component of any resource consent application. Basically, an AEE is an assessment of the environmental effects generated as a result of your proposal, in particular those created by the area of non-compliance with the District Plan.

3 Get specialist reports if needed Depending on your application, you may need to obtain a report from a specialist. For example, if traffic generation is an issue for your project, you may need to engage a traffic engineer to prepare a report in terms of the increased vehicle movements generated by the proposal.
4 Lodge your application with Council

Once your application is complete, lodge it with us for processing. If your application has sufficient information it will be accepted for processing.

Applications can be sent to

The process for applying for a resource consent is illustrated and described in detail by the Ministry of the Environment's Everyday Guide to the RMA Series.

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023