Planning Fees

Fees & charges

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Resource Management Fees

  • Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991 enables Council to charge additional fees to recover actual and reasonable costs where the Lodgement Fee is inadequate.
  • When the total cost to process an application exceeds the Lodgement Fee in Table One, the additional fees are charged at the rates specified in Table Two of this fee schedule.
  • The Council also reserves its discretion to refund part of the fixed fee if the work required to process the application is less than usual.
  • The Lodgement Fee will be required to accompany the application.  An invoice will be sent for any additional fees.  The Lodgement Fee is a deposit only and may not be the complete charge.  There may be additional fees or a part refund as explained above.
  • Discounts shall be paid on administrative charges for applications for resource consent and applications to change or cancel conditions that are not processed within the statutory timeframes. The discounts shall be in accordance with the Regulations to the Resource Management Act 1991.

Table One – Lodgement Fees (Deposit)

Description2024/25 (GST incl.)
Notified Consent $7,500.00
Limited Notified (service only) Consent $5,000.00
Non-notified Subdivision Consent $2,000.00
Non-notified Land Use Consent $1,800.00
Monitoring Deposit for all Land Use Consents (2 hours * monitoring officer)$310.00
Non-notified Subdivision Consent - Change to Flats Plan or Unit Title $900.00
Right of Way Approval (not included in Subdivision Consent) $900.00
Revocation of Easements and Consent Notices (not included in Subdivision Consent) $900.00
Existing Allotments Section 226 Certificate (new titles created) $900.00
Section 223 Certificate (survey plan approval) $725.00
Section 224(c) Certificate $725.00
Section 224(c) Certificate including Section 223 Certificate $725.00
Removal of Building Line Restriction $900.00
Certificates of Compliance $900.00
Change or Cancellation of Conditions $900.00
Existing Use Rights and Existing Use Certificate $900.00
Extension of Time $900.00
Outline Plan $900.00
Waiver of Outline Plan Actual cost
Alteration to a Designation $1,200.00
Extension of Time to a Designation $1,200.00
Plan Change $20,000.00
Notice of Requirements for Designations or Heritage Order $6,000.00
Certificates for LMVD $0.00
Overseas Investment Office Certificate Actual cost
Pre-lodgement work - Staff time conducting assessments, attending meeting(s) and writing
correspondence prior to the lodgement of specific resource consent application(s) and private plan
Actual cost
after first half hour free
Permitted Boundary Activity Notice $750.00
Permitted Activity Notice $750.00
Monitoring of Permitted Activity under the National Environmental Standards $160.00
Monitoring of resource consents and monitoring of non-compliance with the Timaru District Plan
or the Resource Management Act 1991 

Table Two - Charge Rates (Staff Time Rate)

Description 2024/25 (GST incl.)
District Planning Manager  $265.00 per hour
Team Leader$225.00 per hour
Senior Planner  $190.00 per hour
Planner $160.00 per hour
Subdivision and Compliance Officer $160.00 per hour
Monitoring Officer / Biodiversity Officer$160.00 per hour
Administration staff $105.00 per hour
Council Staff from other Units hourly rate as specified for their role
Public notices At cost
Disbursements At cost
Consultants / Legal Advice (incl Aoraki Environmental Consultancy) At cost
Commissioning Special Reports At cost

Table Two - Hearing Costs

Description2024/25 (GST incl.)
Hearings Committee$116.00 per hour for the chairperson.
$93.00 per hour per member
who is not the chairperson.
CommissionerAt cost

Table Two - Other Charges

Description2024/25 (GST incl.)
Hard copy of Timaru District Plan (Operative)$250.00 + postage
Update to the hard copy of District PlanAt cost
Allocation of new Rapid Number (includes Plate)$70.00
Replacement Rapid Number Plate$35.00
Bond Application$650.00
Bond RefundVariable
Road name request$900.00

Last updated: 01 Jul 2024