Water Saving Tips

Water Supply

Be water-wise!

We live in a wonderful part of the world and enjoy being surrounded by mountains, lakes and the sea. Sometimes we become complacent about our limited supply of natural resources such as our water.

Water in our area is a precious resource that could be in short supply during our hot dry summers. So to help us keep the water flowing over summer there are some simple tools and tricks to help you understand how much water you use and ways you can save water around the home and garden.

What is your Water Footprint?

Did you know that the average residential water use in Timaru District is 318 litres of water per person per day?

This is well over of the national daily average of 280 litres of water per person.

How do you and your household compare against these figures? Find out by using this Smart Water Calculator from The Water Conservancy.

What is your water footprint - use free calculator to estimate your household water use

Please note: the results of this calculator are a guideline only, based on a variety of data and assumptions. Note: the estimated cost of water on the last slide is based on metering and volumetric charging which does not apply to Timaru District residential properties.

Water saving tips

When to Water

When to water' garden watering diagram. So that we can continue to supply water to urban and rural households over summer please don't water your lawns, and keep an eye out for changes to the current level of water restrictions. We all need to work together to conserve water.

  • Don't water between 8am and 6pm daily.
  • Check weather conditions before watering. Watering your garden during hot days or when a Nor' West is blowing results in a lot of water evaporating and watering in these conditions is not recommended.
  • Water wisely for limited periods between 8pm to 6am.

Inside the House

  • Take shorter showers
  • Check for leaks
  • Turn off taps
  • Use a dual flush toilet
  • Install flow restrictors
  • Use dishwasher & washing machine on a full load

Outside in the Garden

  • Use a good mulch
  • Remove weeds
  • Use a sprinkler with a timer
  • Soak, don't spray
  • Don't water paths or driveways
  • Water the roots and not the leaves

SMART Watering - Irrigation and Gardening

Timaru District Council, alongside other Canterbury Councils, industry partners and Irrigation NZ have collaborated together to form the SMART Watering campaign to help you conserve water during the drier periods.

The SMART Watering campaign, developed by Irrigation NZ, provides home gardeners and community irrigation projects with practical information to make the best use of their restricted water supply during hot, dry summers.

Below are a series of information sheets with tips on SMART watering in your garden.

  • Plant Right! - Saving water doesn't have to involve the cost and inconvenience of tearing up your garden to install a new irrigation system. It's easy to lower water consumption with simple changes to your landscaping and gardening routine.
  • Look after your Soil - Understanding your soil is crucial to plant growth. Soil is the foundation of a healthy garden, and the healthier it is, the more drought resistant your plants will be.
  • Invest in an irrigation system - Using an automated irrigation system is one of the best ways to keep your lawn and flower beds beautiful and healthy, while minimising water use. Plan carefully for a reliable, flexible irrigation system that can expand along with your ambitions for your garden.
  • Water wisely - Today's irrigation systems include sophisticated controllers that allow you to easily adjust watering schedules to fit different needs.
  • Maintain and upgrade your system - Irrigation systems need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently year after year. Damage from lawn equipment or winter frosts can cause leaks and other serious problems.

You can find out more on the SMART Irrigation website. SMART waterers can already be found in the community who are using water responsibility and sustainability in their gardens and businesses.

Case Study: Michael & Karlyn Hopkinson

Michael & Karlyn Hopkinson’s garden is an excellent example of using water in SMART ways as they have carefully thought out watering system on a timer provides application to specified spots in the garden with drip hoses and sprinklers in short bursts when needed.

Let us know if you have any useful water saving tips on our Timaru District Council Facebook page.

Last updated: 13 May 2022