Te Moana scheme reopening

Water Supply

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Te Moana - more water available

We wish to advise that following the successful commissioning of the new Te Moana water treatment plant and associated infrastructure upgrades, we now have more water available for the Te Moana Water Supply.

We now invite property owners within the existing scheme boundaries, or on the boundary, to submit a Te Moana services consent application form to either:

  • Apply for more water (if currently connected) or;
  • Request a new connection (if not currently connected, or subdividing or building a new dwelling).

Hydraulic assessment

All applications will be hydraulically assessed by Council to ensure water can be supplied. There may be parts of the Te Moana Water Supply that will require further upgrades before water can be supplied. If water cannot be hydraulically supplied at this time, the application will be declined and no fees will be payable.

Eligibility criteria

The following property types may be eligible for a new connection or additional water where the water will be used for stock and/or domestic water use only. All properties must either be within or directly on the boundary of the current Te Moana scheme.

  • Existing properties with no current connection to the scheme
  • New subdivision lots
  • Additional dwellings (either existing or under construction) on the same title as another, connected dwelling
  • Where the property is currently under-supplied based on our updated design allocation of 65 litres per hectare per day for stock water, with an additional 1,000 litres per dwelling per day. To work out the maximum number of units you're eligible for, use our calculator below.

At this time we are not intending to make connections available to properties outside of the existing scheme boundaries. We also do not intend to supply water for intensive livestocking over and above the design allocation or for irrigation purposes.

All connections or increased allocations must meet our storage requirements as outlined in the Te Moana Water Supply Policy.

Note: Approvals will be granted subject to our design criteria and satisfactory results from hydraulic modelling.

How to apply

1. Check that you are currently on or within the Te Moana water scheme boundaries using our Water Scheme Map.
2. Check that you meet the eligibility criteria above.
3. Check your water unit allowance by using the calculator below. 
4. Fill out and submit a Te Moana service consent application form.

An application fee of $550 will be invoiced for each application submitted. All fees will be billed to the landowner unless otherwise specified.

Application form

You can either apply online or download a physical copy here:

Please fill out the above application form and return it to: infrastructureconsents@timdc.govt.nz

Application guide

For help filling out the application form, please refer to the Application Guide PDF, 246.61 KB.

How much water can I get?

New allocation rules

The new design allocation for a property is based on 65 litres per day per hectare for stock, with an additional 1000 litres per dwelling per day.


Let's say you have a 15-hectare property with one dwelling.

15 hectares x 65 litres957 litres
1 dwelling1,000 litres 
Total1,975 litres*

Note: ½ units are available between 1.0 unit and 3.0 units only.


Please use our allocation and cost calculator to understand the maximum water allocation you are entitled to at your property, and the likely fees associated with your application.

Te-Moana Water Supply Calculator

Summary of fees*

Charges Associated with approvalNew ConnectionAdditional Water
Timaru District Council - Application Fee$550.00$550.00
Te Moana Water Supply - Connection$6,500.00N/A
Te Moana Water Supply - New Unit$8,000.00 per unit$8,000.00 per unit
Rejet FeeN/A$125.92
Water Supply Pipeworks and Tank CostsVaries - please obtain a quote from an Approved ContractorN/A

*These costs are disclosed in our Water Fees and Charges, and are reviewed annually. For more explanation of these costs, please refer to the FAQ below: What will this cost?

Ongoing rates: Once connected, you will incur ongoing charges that are applied to your rates. This includes a $826 Tank Connection Charge and $396 per Unit Charge from 1st July following installation. These charges are reviewed annually in Council's rates resolution.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to process applications?

You can submit your application now and have it entered into the system to hold your place in the queue. Our target is for applications to be processed within 20 working days of confirmation of application lodgement. However, we cannot guarantee this. Timeframes for processing will differ, and some complex applications may take longer and require Council to undertake a more detailed hydraulic assessment.

Do I need to apply if I've previously filled out the expressions of interest web form?

Yes. Our expressions of interest form enabled us to collect some early data about areas where demand for more water might exist, but to enable us to approve your request, we need more information so we now invite you to formally apply for more water.

I don't understand the water allowance - can you help?

Yes - Please phone our Infrastructure Consents team for help on 0800-484-632.

Can I bank water for the future?

No. Water banking for the future is not permitted.

Can I use my own contractor?

No. You must choose from one of Council's Rural Water Supply Infrastructure Approved Contractors to ensure the work meets our engineering standards, so we can maintain it in the future.

Can I swap or transfer units between properties?

Water allocation can be redistributed within the same rateable assessment number. However, you cannot swap or transfer units between properties with different rateable assessment numbers.

You can submit an application for more water on one property (acceptance would require you to pay a financial contribution for increased water) and voluntarily surrender units on another property. Note: there will be no compensation for units surrendered, but you would no longer have to pay the annual rating charge for any surrendered units.

I rent / lease a Te Moana property - can I apply?

Yes, you can but you should first discuss your application with the landowner as acceptance of applications comes with financial responsibilities. We may ask you for additional information.

What will this cost?

Obtaining more water does come with some costs and it's important that you understand what this might mean for you before you submit an application. Use our Te Moana cost calculator to estimate your likely costs.

Increasing allocation 
To increase your allocation, you would be required to pay:

  • $550 application fee (this will be invoiced)
  • A financial contribution for additional water.
  • A rejet fee to get the restrictor unit re-jetted.
  • You may also need to upgrade to a larger tank to ensure your tank size meets the policy requirements for 3 days storage based on the increased allocation with a minimum of 10,000 litres required.
  • Upon the rejetting of the tank, your annual Te Moana water rates will based on the new unit allocation

New connections
For new connections, the following charges would apply:

  • $550 application fee (this will be invoiced)
  • Connection fees as per current fees and charges.
  • Purchase a sufficient-sized tank to meet policy requirements for 3 days storage with a minimum storage of 10,000 litres required.
  • You will be rated for Te Moana water and have to pay the annual unit rate and the annual per connection charge.
  • Cost of extension of Council mains (pipes) to the site of your tank. Please contact an Infrastructure Approved Contractor to get an estimate for the cost of extension of Council mains to ensure this is affordable for your situation.

I'm subdividing - what do I need to know?

Applications involving subdivisions must have a separate application for each proposed Lot. If a subdivision is intended, the Services Consent approval for Te Moana water will not be issued until an approved subdivision consent is obtained. Approvals are valid for 24 months. An application fee of $550 will be invoiced for each application submitted.

Can I get my application fee refunded if I choose not to proceed?

Sorry, no. It takes a lot of staff time to process an application so we cannot give refunds if you choose not to proceed. If you're unsure, we suggest you call our Infrastructure Consents team to have a chat prior to lodging an application. Please review the full cost associated with more water before you submit your application.

You will not be charged an application fee if your application is declined.

What if I can't afford the fees for an additional unit of water?

If you are eligible for more water, but can't afford to pay for an additional unit of water at $8,000, you could consider a half unit of water. This would provide you with an extra 500 litres of water per day, and the cost of this would be $4,000.

Note: ½ units are available between 1.0 unit and 3.0 units only.

For more information on eligibility and costs please use the Te Moana cost calculator.

How much water is available?

We estimate that we have approximately 560 additional water units available. We will continue to accept applications until this water is fully allocated.

I'm applying for a new connection - what do I need to know?

You will need to submit a proposed plan with your application showing where you intend to place your water tank. The closer you can place your water tank to the nearest water main the cheaper your pipework connection costs will be. Please email infrastructureconsents@timdc.govt.nz for a copy of a Services Plan for your property and talk to an Infrastructure Approved Contractor.

Why can't you hydraulically supply water to every property?

Because the Te Moana scheme is a trickle-feed scheme, we use a small diameter pipeline to deliver water. The increase in water allocation may mean that we need to upgrade the size of some of our smaller mains. We have recently proactively upgraded the size of some of our mains. However, some of our smaller mains will not be sufficiently sized to meet the demand for new/additional water.

This is why we need to check the hydraulic capacity for every application submitted. If the mains need to be upgraded to meet demand, there will be a delay in us being able to allocate more water, and you will have to wait. Your application will be declined, however we will let you know when your area has water available in the future.

Last updated: 18 Jul 2023