Water Meters

Water Supply

The Timaru District Council does not have district wide metering.

Water meters are installed on industrial, commercial, lifestyle properties and other sites identified as using large quantities of water. Meters are installed to:

  • measure and charge for water
  • encourage water conservation
  • give data for system design and analysis

All water that passes through a meter is charged for, including all leakage and wasted water.

If you are metered, it is recommended that you establish a routine for reading the meter weekly to minimise the possibility of paying for leakage.

Our staff will assist with locating leakage if requested on a case by case basis.

Invoices are either one, three or six monthly depending on usage.

When a metered property is sold a final reading of the water meter must be requested.

Please visit our Water Charges page for the sale price of water.

Last updated: 10 Mar 2022