Water Tanker Filling Stations

Water Supply

Water Tanker Filling Stations

When someone takes water from one of our standard water hydrants there is a risk of inadvertently contaminating the water supply if the correct equipment is not used.

Changes to water extraction process

To reduce the risk of backflow, in line with new legal requirements, Council has installed five dedicated Tanker Filling Points throughout the district in Timaru, Pleasant Point, Temuka and Geraldine.

These purpose-built filling points will provide a consistent supply of water for construction activities. As these filling points will have permanent backflow prevention devices installed, our water supplies will remain protected. Contractors will therefore no longer need to provide their own hydrant upstand with built-in backflow prevention when using our filling stations. Contractors with prior permission to take water from a Council hydrant will need to apply for new approval to take water from our filling points.

Under this new process, fire hydrants are not to be used per D3.6 of the new Drinking Water Regulations which state:

“Access to a water network through use of a standpipe is not permitted except by Fire and Emergency New Zealand, other emergency services, the drinking water supplier, or authorised contractors to the drinking water supplier where it is reasonably necessary to access the network for the operation of the drinking water supply.”

This means that unless you are carrying out authorised works on our water supplies, you cannot at any time or for any reason, take water from a Council fire hydrant.

Tanker Filling Points

Map of water filling stations

Apply for Use

If you wish to use these new filling points please fill out the application form below and return by email to: satish.lata@timdc.govt.nz

This form also sets out the conditions for use of the filling points.

Once approved, a 24-month permit to use the dedicated Tanker Filling Points will be granted, which will need to be re-applied for every 2 years, prior to the expiry date.

How to Use


Why are you doing this?

The draft new drinking water standards requires elimination of hydrant use except in delivering three waters operations and maintenance services and firefighting services to the community. This requirement prohibits the use of standpipes.

Who will still be able to take water from hydrants?

Fire and Emergency New Zealand and Council’s Three Waters Maintenance Contractor will still be able to take water from hydrants for firefighting and essential water operations and maintenance purposes.

When will this change take effect?

Our water filling stations will be operational from 1 November 2022. From this date forward, contractors will need to use our water tanker filling stations instead. We recommend submitting your application now so you’re all good to go from 1 November.

Will there be a cost for using the filling stations?

It is likely that in the future we will need to charge a minimal fee to cover the costs of providing this service. However, we do not intend to commence charging until 1 July 2023.

How do the filling stations work?

Contractors who have successfully applied to use our filling stations will be issued with one (or multiple) unique identifier cards for their drivers / operators. The card will unlock access to the filling points and track the volume of water taken.

Last updated: 31 Oct 2022