Operative District Plan

District Plan

Part A: Introduction

  • A1 - How to use the District Plan
  • A2 - Purpose of the District Plan
  • A3 - Timaru District Council Philosophy
  • A4 - Description of process of preparing the District Plan
  • A5 - Treaty of Waitangi
  • A6 - Processes to be used with issues that cross territorial boundaries
  • A7 - Integrated Management – District Council and Regional Council co-operation

Part B: Resource Management Issues, Objectives, Policies, Methods, Environmental Results

Part C: Planning Maps

The Planning Maps of the District Plan cover the entirety of the Timaru District, and amongst other things, identify land use zones, public roads, designations and heritage sites. The planning maps are an integral part of the District Plan and should be referred to in the first instance. The maps are also available as a PDF download below:

Part D: Zones, General Rules, Definitions & Appendices


General Rules



Lists & Schedules

Last updated: 15 Jun 2022