Property Numbering

District Planning Information

Council allocates property numbers for the urban and rural areas of the district.

Urban Numbering

Urban Street numbers are allocated for the urban areas of Timaru and the towns of Cave, Geraldine, Pareora, Pleasant Point, Temuka and Winchester. Urban Street numbers are normally allocated after a new dwelling has been constructed on a site and are allocated free of charge. If your property has not been allocated an urban street number, or if you have any other query regarding urban street numbers, please contact the Planning Administrator on 03 687 7599.

Rural Numbering (RAPID)

Rural Area Property Identification (RAPID) numbers are allocated for properties located in the rural areas of the district. All rural dwellings are given an identification plate based on the location of their access point on the road boundary. The purpose of the RAPID system is to ensure quick and accurate location of rural properties when required by emergency services. Many rural property owners have incorporated their RAPID identification into their postal address. For enquiries, or to obtain a RAPID number, please contact the Planning Administrator on 03 687 7599.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021