Camera Surveillance Policy


1.0  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline how cameras are used in the Timaru District Council main office environment and ensure compliance with the requirements of the Privacy Act.

2.0  Background

CCTV cameras have been installed in the Timaru District Council offices at 2 King George Place, Timaru. Cameras are located in the following areas:

  • Public areas, including the interview rooms and excluding the Building and Planning enquiry offices on the Ground Floor
  • The public reception area outside the meeting rooms on the First Floor

The policy aims to follow best practice to ensure that any image, captured, collected and stored is handled in a confidential manner that protects an individual’s privacy at all times.

3.0  Key Definitions


4.0  Policy

4.1 Purpose

The purpose of the installation of these cameras is to prevent and detect crime or anti-social behaviour. This is to ensure the protection and safety of individuals and Council property.

4.2 Responsibility

The Chief Information Officer and the Network / Systems Administrator are responsible for the operation of the surveillance system.

4.3 Equipment

High Definition 3Mp Full HD CCTV System

  • One Hikvision Network Video Recorder (16 channel).
  • Hikvision 3Mp Full High Definition dome cameras. These cameras are fitted with a 4mm fixed lens, enabling a viewing angle of 73 degrees

These cameras are of the type required to clearly see the areas covered by the cameras.

4.4 Non-intrusive Camera Locations

  • Cameras are located in places which do not intrude on the privacy of individuals.  The placement of cameras will not interfere with the normal activities of the space nor unreasonably intrude on the privacy of individuals. This includes cameras installed in the interview rooms on the ground floor in the public area.
  • Cameras are installed in the specified locations to prevent and detect crime or anti-social behaviour. This is to ensure the protection and safety of individuals and Council property.

4.5 Signage

Signs have been placed near the CCTV cameras and at the perimeter of the CCTV cameras range (before individuals enter the range of the camera) advising that the cameras are in operation. Signage is designed to advise the public prior to being filmed.

This policy will be included on and should be read in tandem with the privacy notice on

4.6 Limits of Operation

The cameras are movement activated and will record any movement in the areas covered by individual cameras 24 hours per day.

4.7 Use and Disclosure of Camera Images

Surveillance camera images will only be used for intended purposes. The use of any camera footage is to assist in the prevention and detection of criminal or anti-social activity or behaviour and not for any other purpose. Recorded footage will only be viewed by authorised personnel. Footage will be viewed in accordance with the purpose of the cameras as described above.

4.8 Security

Images will be transmitted over internal wired networks and stored in Council’s restricted access server room. Only authorised personnel will be able to obtain access to stored images.

4.9 Limited Retention Periods

Images will be recorded on the hard drive for approximately 6 weeks before being overwritten in a continuous recording cycle.

Some recordings and images may be retained for the purposes of resolving incidents or to assist in any legal proceedings. After the retention period has expired or the incident satisfactorily resolved, images and recordings will be permanently deleted.

4.10 Access to Camera Images by Individuals

Individuals wishing to view footage related to them must make a formal written request for consideration to the Privacy Officer and/or the Customer Services Manager. Requests need to be made within 20 days of the recording being taken. Requests will be treated as an official information request and access will be determined based on whether other people’s privacy is being infringed and ease of availability of recording. If a request to view the footage is unable to be granted without unreasonably breaching other’s privacy, a written description may be provided of what they are doing in the footage. If the request is approved the Customer Services Manager or the Privacy Officer will request the Chief Information Officer to provide the footage. Any such request will be responded to within 20 days.

The Privacy Officer and Customer Services Manager will allow access only to relevant CCTV footage to:

  • Authorised staff of Timaru District Council
  • Contractors on site specifically to work on the CCTV equipment at the request of the Chief Information Officer
  • New Zealand Police or other public sector agency such as the Privacy Commissioner
  • Individuals who have formally requested information at the authorisation and direction of the Privacy Officer or Customer Services Manager and within 20 days of the request.

Any footage will only be viewed by authorised personnel.

4.11 Log of Access

Each time the footage is accessed it will be recorded electronically in a log, including access by Council members, individuals and the Police.

4.12 Regular Review

The Chief Information Officer will monitor the implementation of this policy.

The policy will be reviewed every three years or at the request of Council, in response to changed legislative and statutory requirements or in response to any issues that may arise.

A check will be made three months after implementation to ensure the system is working correctly. Annual checks will then be undertaken.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021