Parking Policy


1.0 Purpose

This policy details the approach taken by the Timaru District Council (TDC) to the provision of Parking Infrastructure and Parking Enforcement within the District.

2.0 Background

Parking is managed to support the Council’s Strategic Vision and Direction for the District. Timaru District Council currently provides on-street and off-street parking. It is essential that public parking facilities are effectively and consistently managed to ensure effective use, consistency, and fairness.

There are two main functions in parking; Provision of Infrastructure and Enforcement.

This policy applies to Council owned and/or operated parking spaces within the Timaru District.

3.0 Key Definitions

  • Bylaw  Timaru District Consolidated Bylaw.
  • CBD Central Business District is the commercial and business centre of Timaru, Temuka, Geraldine, and Pleasant Point.
  • Council The Timaru District Council or any officer of the Timaru District Council delegated by the Council to take action in relation to any particular law and / or bylaw or to undertake the duties of a Council Officer under the law / bylaw, and any person appointed especially / generally by the Council to enforce the provisions of this law / bylaw.
  • Metered parking space Council owned and operated parking space, which requires a fee to be paid. Payment and time restrictions are determined by Council.
  • Mobility parking space Parking space, which is wider and/or longer than standard parks and closer to venues. These spaces are marked with the disability symbol, and yellow lines. Only mobility parking permit holders can use these mobility parking spaces.
  • Mobility permit Permit issued by CCS Disability Action which allows the holder to park in mobility parking spaces and entitles them to concessions in time restricted and metered parking spaces.
  • Standard parking space All Council enforced public parking spaces. This excludes mobility parking spaces.
  • Time-restricted free parking Parking space, which places a maximum length of time a vehicle can be parked at the space. These range between 5 to 180 minutes, depending on the location. These restrictions are enforced by Council.
  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP) A document describing the design, implementation, maintenance and removal of temporary traffic management (TTM) while the associated activity is being carried out within the road reserve or adjacent to and affecting the road reserve.

4.0 Policy

4.1 General

1. CBD's on-street car parks will not be leased to specific individuals or groups.

2. CBD’s car parks may be reserved for temporary activities, subject to specific Council approval and approved traffic management plan.

3. Council parking fees will be in accordance to the Council’s current Fees and Charges schedule.

4. Council will work in accordance with the Council’s current Bylaw to provide suitable car parking resources where required, recognising both short term and long term parking needs.

5. Metered and time-restricted free parking shall be in accordance with the Timaru District Consolidated Bylaw and Council delegations.

6. Council will enforce parking in accordance to legislation and Council’s Bylaws.

7. Drivers over the age of 80 are entitled to park free of charge, provided prior approval has been obtained.

4.2 CBD Areas

8. Timaru CBD on-street and off-street parking may be metered, time-restricted, or loading zoned, to ensure efficient and effective use of parking facilities.

9. Time-restricted free parking is provided in Timaru, Geraldine and Temuka. (As defined in the Appendix A.)

10. Parking in Pleasant Point is not time-restricted.

11. Lease parking is permitted in off-street car parks.

4.3 Mobility Impaired

12. Council provides designated mobility parking spaces in various locations throughout the District. Each request for a mobility parking space is considered and approved by Council on a case by case basis.

13. At metered parking spaces, mobility permit holders are allowed double the time paid with up to three (3) hours maximum.

14. At time-restricted free parking of P30 or longer, mobility permit holders are allowed double the time on the sign with up to three (3) hours maximum.

15. There are no concessions for time-restricted parking for P15 (15 minutes) or less.

4.4 Mobility Parking Permit Holders

16. A valid mobility permit must be displayed clearly on the inside of the vehicle’s windscreen or on the dashboard. The membership number on the permit must be visible.

17. A mobility permit may only be used by the holder of that permit.

18. Failure to display a current mobility permit while occupying a mobility parking space may result in an infringement.

4.5 “Over 80” Parking Exemption

19. Application for “Over 80” parking exemptions card be accepted from residents of the Timaru District aged over eighty years possessing a current driver’s licence and producing particulars of the vehicle to which the exemption will apply.

20. No fees will be charged for the issuing of the “Over 80” parking exemption card.

21. Vehicles displaying an “Over 80” parking exemption card, which is properly on display will be exempted from payment of Council’s metered parking space, except for Farmers Car Park.

22. “Over 80” parking exemption card holders are allowed double the time on the sign at time restricted free parking in Temuka and Geraldine only. Failure to display the current “Over 80” parking exemption card may result in an infringement when the displayed time has expired.

23. “Over 80” parking exemption card are non-transferrable and must be surrendered should the possessor cease to be a holder of a driver’s licence.

5.0 Appendix A – Streets with Time Restricted Parking


Road/Street Name

Bounded by


Arthur Street

Sutter Street and Latter Street / King George Place / Perth Street roundabout


Bank Street

Sophia Street and Arthur Street


Barnard Street

King George Place / George Street and North Street

Whole street

Beswick Street

Stafford Street and Cains Terrace

Whole street

Butler Street

Arthur Street and North Street


Cains Terrace

Strathallan Street and George Street

Whole street

Canon Street

Sophia Street and Stafford Street

Whole street

Church Street

Grey Road and Stafford Street


Cliff Street

Stafford Street and Turnbull Street


Dee Street

Grey Road and Theodosia Street (SH1)


Elizabeth Street

Grey Road and Stafford Street


George Street

Barnard Street and Station Street

Whole street

Grey Road

Dee Street and Arthur Street


King George Place

Latter Street / Arthur Street / Perth Street roundabout and Barnard Street

Whole street

King George Place Access Lane

King George Place (main street) and Sophia Street

Whole street

Latter Street

Arthur Street / Perth Street / King George Place roundabout and North Street


North Street

Theodosia Street and Stafford Street


Perth Street

Church Street and King George Place / Latter Street / Arthur Street roundabout

Whole street

Sefton Street East (SH78)

Theodosia Street (SH1) and The Terrace


Sophia Street

Theodosia Street (SH1) and King George Place

Whole street

Stafford Street

Sefton Street East (SH78) and North Street

Whole street

Station Street

Strathallan Street and George Street

Whole street

Strathallan Street

Stafford Street and Station Street

Whole street

The Bay Hill

Theodosia Street (SH1) and Sefton Street East (SH78)

Whole street

The Terrace

Sefton Street East (SH78) and Strathallan Street

Whole street

Victoria Street

North Street and Heaton Street


Woollcombe Street

Latter Street and Stafford Street

Whole street

Off-street Carparks

Barnard Street Carpark

Cain Terrace Carpark

Farmers Carpark

Library Carpark

Sophia Street Carpark

Station Street Carpark

The Bay Hill Carpark

The Terrace (Kathmandu) Carpark


Road/Street Name

Bounded by

Cox Street (SH 79)

Hislop Street and Talbot Street

Peel Street

Hislop Street and Talbot Street

Pine Street

Jollie Street and Talbot Street

Talbot Street (Part SH79)

Jollie Street and Hislop Street

Wilson Street

Hislop Street and into the Cul de Sac

Off-street Carparks

Geraldine Service Centre Carpark

Wilson Street Carpark


Road/Street Name

Bounded by


Commerce Street

King Street and Hally Terrace

Whole Street

Domain Avenue

Vine Street (SH 1) and Hally Terrace


King Street

Wood Street and Fraser Street


Off-street Carparks

Temuka Service Centre Carpark

Adopted District Services Committee 14 June 2016

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021