Rangitata Huts Policy


1.0    Purpose

This policy covers the requirements when tenants wish to reside at the Rangitata Huts Reserve.

2.0    Background

The Council manages Reserve 5266 located at the Rangitata River mouth on the south side.  Sites are leased to tenants who have houses situated on the reserve.  A motor camp is also located in the reserve which is leased to a private operator.

3.0    Key Definitions

Permanent Resident – leased hut sites that are occupied for more that 180 days per annum.

4.0    Policy

The criteria for Permanent Residency at the Rangitata River Reserve is:

  • The number of permanent residents is to be limited to 10% of the sites outside of the natural hazard areas and to be spread evenly throughout the reserve.
  • Permanent residents are required to install a holding tank of a minimum 1000 litres capacity for containment of waste (existing permanent residents have until 2018 to meet this criteria).

All rental properties, including the rent for those Permanent Residents, will be reviewed annually.

Applications for Permanent Residency are to be submitted to the Council’s Property Manager along with the appropriate application fee.

·     Adopted by Policy and Development Committee 14 October 2014

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021