Smokefree Public Outdoor Areas Policy

1.0    Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the Council’s position towards a Smokefree New Zealand

2.0    Background

The Smokefree Environments Act 1990 placed restrictions on smoking in workplaces, public transport and certain other public places, and restricted smoking in cafes, restaurants and casinos.

In March 2011, the government committed to the goal of supporting New Zealand to become a smokefree nation by 2025. This commitment provides a strong strategic direction for local authorities and other organisations working towards smokefree outcomes.

Section 23 of the Health Act 1956 also states that it is the duty of every council to improve, promote and protect public health within its district.

This Smokefree policy is part of Council’s response to this legislative and government policy direction. 

The policy also contributes to the following Community Outcomes stated in Council’s Long Term Plan:

  • People enjoying a high quality of life
  • A valued, health and accessible environment

3.0    Key Definitions

Public Outdoor Areas refers to Council controlled playgrounds, public sports grounds and facilities specifically listed in this policy.

Council controlled means either owned by Council or Council has legislative responsibility for the facility.

Educational Approach means encouragement by means of educational signage rather than enforcement.

4.0    Policy

  1. Council supports the concept of a Smokefree New Zealand and smokefree public areas
  2. Council will work collaboratively with all stakeholders towards a Smokefree New Zealand.
  3. Council will encourage the public to refrain from smoking in the following Council controlled public outdoor areas:
    1. playgrounds
    2. sportsgrounds & associated facilities
  4. Smokefree signage will be displayed where it is determined to be most effective, to discourage smoking in these areas. Other information will be displayed or developed where appropriate (e.g. website).
  5. Appropriate placement and funding for signage will be established with local stakeholders (e.g. Community and Public Health)
  6. Council will take an educational rather than enforcement approach to the implementation of this policy.

Adopted Policy & Development Committee 9 February 2016