Caroline Bay Policy


1.0  Purpose

This policy outlines Council’s approach to the use of the facilities and amenities at Caroline Bay, including campervan overnight parking, Caroline Bay Tearooms lease, Soundshell use, Caroline Bay Tennis Courts and the use of the Caroline Bay Entertainment Complex.

2.0  Background

Caroline Bay is used for a number of activities, large events and casual use.  It is recognised that various activities can impact on other users and this policy provides a framework to help manage these impacts.  An example of this is the potential conflict between a concert with amplified music at the Soundshell and a wedding in the Tearooms.

3.0  Key Definitions

  • Campervans are vehicles for travelling and accommodation while holidaying or touring.  This includes motorhomes but not caravans and tents.
  • Self-contained campervans have drainage pipes that feed into containers or cassettes for grey and black water. These vehicles must display current certification to show that the self-containment systems meet standards.  This will usually show in the front of vehicles and can be supported by a rear sticker, but the rear sticker is not proof of certification.
  • Premier Parks are recognised as significant parks in the hierarchy of the parks network. Caroline Bay is a Premier Park.

4.0  Policy

Timaru District Council is committed to ensuring Caroline Bay continues to be  a vibrant premier park with a high standard of presentation of infrastructure, concessions and services.

4.1 Overnight Parking

4.1.1 Only the car park adjacent to the roller skating rink can be used at Caroline Bay for self-contained campervans overnight parking without specific permission.

4.1.2 The overnight use of this car park is restricted to a limit of ten self-contained campervans at any time, a maximum of three nights consecutive stay per vehicle, and stays from 4.00pm until 10.00am daily.

4.1.3 Campervans using the carpark overnight must have a current self-containment certificate.

4.1.4 When a major skating or other significant event is held, the car park may be closed to campervans for overnight parking.

4.1.5 Caravans and tents are not permitted to be used for overnight accommodation at Caroline Bay without specific approval from Council.

4.2 Caroline Bay Tearooms and Soundshell bookings

4.2.1 Bookings for concert use of the Soundshell shall be given priority over bookings for the Caroline Bay Tearooms from Sunday until Friday (inclusive). The Caroline Bay Tearooms has priority on Saturdays.

4.2.2 If there is no booking of either facility twelve weeks prior to an event, either party may place a booking with certainty on a first come first served basis.

4.2.3 Preferential use of the Soundshell shall be be granted to the Caroline Bay Association during the period of the annual carnival, subject to other entertainers having the opportunity to work in with the Caroline Bay Association for shared use on occasions, by negotiation.

4.3 Caroline Bay Tennis Courts

4.3.1 Caroline Bay Tennis Courts will be provided to a non-competition standard for casual users at no charge.

4.4 Use of Caroline Bay Entertainment Complex

4.4.1 The Caroline Bay Association has sole use of the Entertainment Complex facilities free of charge from the last weekend of November to the last weekend of January inclusive.  If not required for Association use during this period, the Council may hire it out to other users.

4.4.2 Sole use of the Entertainment Complex by the Caroline Bay Association over this period is at the discretion of Council and subject to annual review.

4.4.3 Any user other than the Caroline Bay Association is prohibited from using the name “Caroline Bay Carnival” or any similar name likely to cause confusion in the public mind.

4.4.4 Each user is responsible for the repair of any damage caused to the complex.

4.4.5 Council will ensure a continuing high standard of maintenance of the buildings and surrounds.

4.4.6 Council will insure the facility to enable it to be replaced in the event of damage.

Adopted Community Development Committee 14 June 2016

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021