Learn to Swim Policy


1.0  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to implement Council’s intention that the Learn to Swim operation is to be a Council run enterprise at Caroline Bay Trust Aoraki Centre (CBAY).

2.0  Background

Council resolved in 2009 that Learn to Swim would be operated by Council, as an integral part of the operation of the new Aquatic Leisure Centre.  

Existing operators at Century Pool were advised in writing in August 2011 of this operational change, and that they would not be able to continue to teach Learn to Swim at the new facility. Consequently the Timaru District Council commenced Learn to Swim classes at Century Pool in 2012 and this migrated to CBAY on 16 July 2012.

On December 1, 2015 Council resolved “That Council remains the sole operator for Learn to Swim and Swim for Life operations”

3.0  Key Definitions

Learn to Swim - A programme, teaching swimming and water safety skills to ages 4 months and over. The emphasis is on providing the life skills to be comfortable in water to learning correct swimming techniques.  Learn to Swim caters for specialised baby and toddler programmes right through to competitive swimmers and adults wanting to develop their confidence and technique in the water.

Learn to Swim does not include squad coaching. Squad swimmers are considered as swimmers who are able to competently and comfortably swim 200 metres displaying effective swimming techniques.

4.0  Policy

  1. The Timaru District Council retains exclusive rights for the purpose of teaching Learn to Swim at Caroline Bay Trust Aoraki Centre.
  2. Commercial hire of facilities will be made available in line with approved charges, in circumstances where the commercial activity is not otherwise available at the facility.
  3. Aquatic fees are set by Council.
  4. Council has delegated the setting of commercial fees including Fitness, Learn to Swim, Merchandise, Private Hires and Multi activity tickets to the Chief Executive.
  5. The Recreation Facilities Manager as the principal advisor may recommend hire fee changes for the facility to the Group Manager Community Services and Chief Executive.

Adopted Community Development Committee 22 March 2016

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021