Community Awards Policy


1.0  Purpose

This policy outlines the eligibility criteria and process Council follows to recognise an individual’s voluntary service to the district.

2.0  Background

Community Awards in recognition of an individual’s voluntary community service were introduced as Civic Awards in 1999.

Nominations for Awards are considered and decided by the Community Awards Selection Panel.

Community Awards may be bestowed annually, biennially or triennially depending on the quantity of nominations.  This will be determined by the Community Awards Selection Panel.

3.0  Key Definitions

Service in this policy is defined as service which is voluntary and for which no payment is made.

A Community Award in recognition of outstanding voluntary service to the community entitles the recipient to a Timaru District Council lapel badge bearing the Coat of Arms, a plaque / certificate, public recognition and inclusion in the publicly displayed Honours Book.

4.0  Policy

4.1    Community Awards Selection Panel

4.1.1      A subcommittee of the Community Development Committee called the Community Awards Selection Panel is established at the beginning of each term of Council to consider nominations, make decisions to grant awards and conduct award presentation ceremonies.

4.1.2      The Selection Panel shall comprise four Councillors appointed by the Community Development Committee at the beginning of each term of Council.

The Panel must elect and appoint four community representatives to the Panel for the current term of Council.

4.1.3      The decisions of the Selection Panel are final and binding, however the Selection Panel must, before making any decision public, report its decisions individually to the elected members of the Timaru District Council.

The minutes of the Community Awards Selection Panel which may include recommendations on policy changes are to be submitted to the first Community Development Committee following the awards ceremony.

4.2    Eligibility for Community Awards

4.2.1      Any individual, who provides voluntary service of a nature benefiting the Timaru District and its residents, is eligible for nomination. An individual is not required to be resident in the Timaru District to be eligible for nomination.

4.2.2      The service recognised must be voluntary and unpaid.

4.2.3      Current Councillors and members of the Community Awards Selection Panel are ineligible for nomination

4.2.4      Service to sport is not a qualifying category as it is recognised through the South Canterbury Sports Awards.

4.2.5      The qualifying categories include:

  • Recreation
  • Youth activities
  • Social welfare
  • Educational services
  • Environment
  • Heritage
  • Cultural affairs
  • Religious affairs
  • Community affairs

And any other voluntary service that contributes, in the Selection Panel’s opinion, to the betterment of the Timaru District and its residents

4.2.6      Unsuccessful nominations in any one year may be resubmitted for consideration in any subsequent year.

4.2.7      A nomination becomes ineligible if the nominee is deceased before the date of the Selection Panel’s meeting to consider nominations.

4.3    Nomination Process

4.3.1      A nomination must be made by any three residents or any organisation situated within the Timaru District.

4.3.2      Nomination are called for on an annual basis, via print and online media but also proactively sought by staff in the Mayoral support team.  Existing mailing lists of stakeholders are held on Timaru District Council information systems.

4.3.3      Nominations are to be submitted to the Timaru District Council Community Awards Panel for consideration.

4.3.4      It is not necessary to obtain the prior consent of the person being nominated before submitting a nomination.

4.3.5    If the nomination is successful the nominee will then be contacted by Council to ascertain whether he or she wishes to accept the Award.

4.4    Information supporting a nomination

The information provided for each nominee must be sufficiently detailed to enable the Selection Panel to exercise its function with full knowledge of the record of service of each nominee.

The information sought is not merely a list of positions held. Full details must also be supplied including the actual service or activities carried out in the Timaru District, including the length of service and the nominators’ assessment of the impact of the work on Timaru District residents.

4.5    Community Awards Ceremony

An Awards Ceremony shall be held to present the awards. This may be incorporated with a Hall of Fame or Citizenship Ceremony depending on the number of recipients. If a ceremony is to be held independent of any other presentation, it may be held over for a subsequent year if the number of nominations is low. All decisions relating to the Awards Ceremony shall be made by the Community Awards Selection Panel.

Adopted Community Development  Committee 30 April 2019

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021