Outdoor Furniture & Commemorative Tree Donations Policy


1.0    Purpose

This policy covers donations of outdoor furniture for streets, parks and Council facilities, or for other items such as commemorative trees and plaques. It includes the procedure that will be followed for these donations.

2.0    Background

Individuals and groups continue to have a desire to donate furniture and to plant commemorative trees.  This may be to record an event, the contribution of an individual or to improve the District.

3.0    Key Definitions

  • Outdoor furniture includes seats, tables, drinking fountains, lights and bins or other apparatus.
  • Commemorative trees are dedicated to an event or a person or group.
  • Plaques are flat tablets inscribed with appropriate wording.

4.0    Policy

4.1 Council may accept donated furniture for its streets, parks or other facilities provided:

  • it is fit for purpose
  • is of a suitable design
  • is in a suitable location
  • it does not require excessive maintenance or have a high operational cost.

4.2 Donated trees will be accepted by Council to commemorate an event or the contribution of an individual or group, providing the trees are suitable for the location.

4.3 Approved plaques may be associated with donated furniture or commemorative trees to record events, the contribution of individuals or the donation.

4.4 No guarantee of the future retention of the furniture or trees will be given. Accordingly Council will not accept ongoing responsibility for any donated item that is destroyed, badly damaged, diseased or dies.

4.5 All installation and planting costs, in addition to purchase, manufacturing and freight costs shall be the responsibility of the donor.

Adopted Community Development Committee 14 June 2016

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021