Parks Naming Policy


1.0  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline how names for parks are determined. 

2.0  Background

Because parks form an integral part of the daily lives of residents, it is important that they have an easily recognisable name. Some smaller parks do not have names but are identified by their location.

Some parks have both an official name and a colloquial name such as Centennial Park which is also referred to as “The Scenic”. Council considers it is preferable and easier for residents if there is only one name which everyone identifies with.

3.0  Key Definitions

  • Parks - are areas of land owned or administered by Council for sporting, recreational, historical, environmental and social purposes.  The term “parks” includes reserves. Parks may or may not be vested pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977.

4.0  Policy

  1. Parks may be given an official name.
  2. It may be appropriate to name parts of a park or its facilities.
  3. A name may be suggested by a member of the public, elected member or staff member.
  4. The name must relate to one or more of the following:
    • Location
    • Landform
    • Usage
    • History
    • Something contained within the park
    • Name of a significant individual or family
  5. Names will be considered on a case by case basis.
  6. Where a park is located in the Geraldine or Temuka/Pleasant Point Wards a recommendation to Council on an appropriate name will be sought from the relevant Community Board
  7. Where the land or the proposed name has significance to Maori the local rununga shall be consulted.
  8. Approval of the New Zealand Geographic Board is required for any proposed park name. Application is to be made in writing via Land Information New Zealand.

Adopted Community Development Committee 19 July 2016

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021