Youth Initiative Funding Policy


1.0  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines for the administration of Youth Initiatives funding.

2.0  Background

Council established the Youth Initiatives Working Party in 2002 to formulate criteria for applications to the Youth Initiatives budget.  The Working Party concluded in 2003 that a budgeted amount of $10,000 should be made available as funding support to youth activities and events. The Youth Initiatives Subcommittee was subsequently established as a subcommittee of the Community Development Committee with delegated authority to allocate Youth Initiatives funding and appoint 2 youth representatives to the Subcommittee.

Council has continued to budget $10,000 annually for Youth Initiatives and the Youth Initiatives Subcommittee distributes the funding.  Any unspent funds at 30 June are not carried forward to the next financial year.

3.0  Key Definitions

Youth - The Department of Internal Affairs advised that the definition of Youth is people aged between 12 to 25 years.

Donation – An unconditional gift made voluntarily to a person or organisation to use as they see fit, where there is no benefit to the donor, or to anyone associated with the donor. There is no GST associated with a donation.

Delegated Authority – as outlined in Council’s Delegation Register.

4.0  Policy

4.1     Introduction

The Council has set aside funding to be used for community donations to support events, entertainment or activities which will contribute to the Timaru district being a vibrant and exciting place for youth.

4.2     Eligibility

Applications should be activity-based, for activities that are public, and to benefit a group of youth aged 12 to 25 years rather than an individual and have an emphasis on entertainment. All Council run, funded or supported events are required to be “Smokefree”.

The following applications will receive high priority:

(a)     Provision of entertainment for youth

(b)     Staging of a youth event

(c)     Arranging youth activities

The following applications may be considered but have low priority:

(d)     Individuals

(e)     Sport and recreation activities

4.3.    Application Requirements

1. Applications will be considered by the Youth Initiative Subcommittee which is a subcommittee of the Community Development Committee.

2. Application Forms:  All applications must be made using the Youth Entertainment Funding application form.

3. Retrospective Applications: Applications will not be considered for expenditure incurred prior to the decision date.

4. Publicity:  Public acknowledgement is required for all Council donations.

5. Annual accounts / bank statement and/or budget for the most recent financial year are to be supplied with applications.

6. Funding Rounds:  There will be two funding rounds per annum.  The closing dates and meeting dates will be advertised.

7. Interviews: Applicants may be invited for an interview with the subcommittee in support of an application.

8. Resource and Building Consents: Approval of funding does not constitute approval for building work and is conditional on the applicant obtaining necessary Resource and Building Consents.

9. Accountability:  Accountability reports are required within two months of the completion of the funded project, and a further application will not be considered if there are outstanding issues.

10. When applying for $2,000 or more, a copy of the applying organisation’s resolution to apply to the Timaru District Council for funding is required.

11. Donations are rarely made to organisations with large amounts of available funds. Applicants are expected to put their own uncommitted funds towards a project and where an applicant has substantial funds on hand or invested, must provide detail as to what the purpose of the held funds are.

12. All donations are exclusive of GST.

13. Late applications will not be accepted.

4.4.    Underwriting Activities

The Youth Initiatives Subcommittee may recommend that an event be underwritten, i.e. a Guarantee Against Loss which must be uplifted within two months of the conclusion of the event.

4.5     Unspent Funds

Any unspent funds at 30 June are not carried forward to the next financial year.

4.6     Review of Policy

The Youth Initiatives Policy may be reviewed at any Community Development Committee meeting.

4.7     Donations and Loans Policy

The Youth Initiatives fund is also subject to the Donations and Loans Policy in relation to application categories and requirements..

Adopted Community Development Committee 2 May 2017

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021