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Building Control Services Fees

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Building Control Services - Administration/Lodging Fee

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Work with a value of less than $20,000$180.00
Work with a value of between $20,001 and $100,000$240.00
Works with a value of between $100,001 and $500,000$360.00
Work with a value of more than $500,000$480.00
Certificate of Acceptance$180.00

Other Minor Applications

(total fee to be invoiced when granted)
Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Solid and Liquid Fuel Heating Appliances$360.00
Demolition (Residential Only)$360.00
Solar Hot Water Systems$360.00
PIM Only$360.00

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
PIM Minor Works$140.00
PIM – All Other Works$360.00
Existing PIM Assessment (if applicable to new building consent application)$80.00

Building Consents / Amendments

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Advice Notes (Minor)$140.00
Advice Notes (All other work)$360.00
Technical Processing (per half hour or part thereof)$80.00
Full Inspection$160.00
Waivers & Modifications – Refer technical processingInvoice
Fire & Emergency NZ Service Section 46 Notice (plus all NZFS charges)$160.00

Exempt Building Work

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Exempt Building Work Notification$120.00
Exempt Building Work (Discretionary Decision clause 2)$200.00

Compliance Schedules and Warrants of Fitness (WOFs)

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Compliance Schedules (Issue & Register)$300.00
Amended and Provision of Existing Compliance Schedules$120.00
Compliance Schedule (one specified system only)$120.00
Receiving Building Warrant of Fitness$120.00
Audit of Building Warrant of Fitness$280.00
Re-Inspection following non-compliance$160.00

Certificates of Acceptance

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Technical Process (per half hour or part thereof)$80.00

Other Building Charges

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Notice to Fix - Administration (plus full inspection charge per inspection)$420.00
Certificate under Sale and Supply of Liquor Act 2012 (plus all inspections and other action necessary to confirm compliance)$80.00
Extension of Building Consent Timeframe$140.00
Statistical Returns - per month$60.00
Non - consent Inspections$160.00
Section 73 Notice (Building on land subject to natural hazards)$520.00
Section 77 Notice (Building on two or more allotments)$520.00
Building Records on Property File$180.00
Change of Use/Extension of Life/Subdivision of Building (assessment and record) (per ½ hr or part thereof)$80.00
Certificate for Public Use – Administration (plus full inspection - $160.00 per inspection)$160.00
Certificate of Title search fee$30.00
Building file viewing (no charge for ratepayers viewing their own property)$25.00
Administration fee per half hour$60.00

Printing Building Consents

This charge does not apply to Minor applications

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Full Building Consent$50.00
Additional Copies$50.00
A4 Black & White$0.20
A4 Colour$1.50
A3 Black & White$0.40
A3 Colour$2.50

Amusement Devices

Amusement device fees are set by legislation.

For 2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
1 device, for the first seven days of proposed operation or part thereof$11.50
Each additional device operated by the same owner, for the first seven days or part thereof$2.30
Each device, for each further period of seven days or part thereof$1.15

IQP Processing

(Fees set at the South Island IQP Panel, as at 1 November 2013)

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Per feature / specified system$20.00
Annual Renewals$120.00

Fencing of Residential Swimming Pools

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Registration of Swimming Pool$180.00
Maintenance of Register$120.00
Inspection (for pools that do not require a building consent):  Initial$160.00
Inspection (for pools that do not require a building consent):  Re-inspection follow-up$160.00

Earthquake Prone Buildings

Description2018/2019 (GST inclusive)
Registration and maintenance of Earthquake Prone Building Register (per building)$420.00
If technical assessments or reviews are required in addition to the above fee, this additional time will be charged at a rate of $60.00 per half hour

Contractors and Consultants

Due to the nature of some applications or the incorporation of specialist services the Council may, at its discretion, refer these applications to consultants for checking. The fees and charges incurred will be additional to the fees identified on this scheduleAt Cost


  • The Building Control Manager has delegated authority to use discretion as required.
  • Certain charges remain applicable if application/consent is withdrawn.

Publish Date: 01 Jul 2018