Sports Grounds Fees

Fees & charges

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Description 2023/24 (GST incl)
Private hire per ground$50.00

Site Fees - Clubs with facilities on Council land will pay site fees

Description2023/24 (GST incl)
Up to 200m2$35.00 per annum
200m2 - 5,000m2$110.00 per annum
5,000m2 - 10,000m2$220.00 per annum
10,000m2 - 50,000m2$340.00 per annum
50,000m2 - 100,000m2$460.00 per annum
100,000m2 - 200,000m2$600.00 per annum
Greater than 200,000m2$1200.00 per annum

Sports fields - Charges for sports fields will be based on the extra cost of maintaining the area at sports field standard, compared with just maintaining it as a passive green area. These are additional to any Site Fees and reflect the actual marginal cost.

Hardcourts - charges for publicly available Hardcourts and sealed areas will be based on:

  • A 25% user capital contribution when the courts are constructed or resealed.
  • 20% of the balance being recovered through user charges spread over the life of the improvements.
  • 20% of the annual maintenance cost recovered from user charges.

Last updated: 30 Jun 2023