Sewer Fees

Fees & charges

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Services Consents - Connection/Disconnection - all locations 2022/2023
Application Fee $500.00
Inspection/re-inspection (per inspection) $250.00
Connection / Disconnection (physical works) 2022/2023
All pipe sizes and manholes - all locations Actual Cost
Trade Waste Charges 2022/2023
Fixed costs - per cubic metre of consented median discharge volume per day $0.71
Variable costs - per cubic metre of discharge (invoiced after 1 July) $0.12
Inspection (per visit) $250.00
Special Liquid Waste Charges 2022/2023
Disposal charge (per cubic metre) $9.50
Additional charge for high solids content (per cubic metre) 1$160.00
Solid waste requiring landfill disposal (per tonne) $315.00

1 Depends on solids content. Minimum charge 1 cubic metre.

Last updated: 30 Jun 2022