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Impounding Fees

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Dog Impoundment Fees

For impoundments in a 12 month period Tagged Dog Untagged Dog
First impoundment 80.00 112.00
Second impoundment plus micro-chipping charge 92.00 122.00
Third impoundment plus an infringement of $200 may apply 102.00 132.00
Daily cost of impoundment 15.00 15.00

Appropriate impounding fee applies to dogs returned home by an Animal Control Officer.

Unregistered dogs incur the above fees plus appropriate registration and microchipping charges.

Microchipping Fee

Microchipping By$
Microchipping by the Pound (Council) 50.00
Microchipping by other than Council 25.00

General Dog Impoundment Fees

For $
Surrender cost per dog 40.00
Seizure cost per dog50.00
Barking collar hire 50.00
Adoption from the pound 102.00

Stock (other than dogs)

Service $
Rangers charge out rate (per hour) 76.00


  • To be charged at the actual charge out rate per hour or part thereof
  • Plus any other costs including travel and impounding fees
  • Plus a 25% administration fee

Publish Date: 01 Jul 2017