Land Transport Fees

Fees & charges

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Description 2023/2024 (GST inclusive)
Services Consents (connections/Disconnections to public infrastructure) 
Application fee $550.00
Vehicle crossing – application feeRefer to CAR fees below
Occupation of Road reserve (installation of private services) 
Application fee$300.00
Amendment Fee $150.00
Road Occupation Inspection Fee $125.00
Private Bridge / Stock Underpass structural Inspection Fee$640.00
Corridor Access Request (CAR): Application Fees  
Works within footpaths/berms:  

Type FB1 (Minor) application / Up to 6 square metres and/or 20 lineal metres


Type FB2 (Major) application / Greater than 6 square metres and/or 20 lineal metres, but less than 10 square metres and/or 100 lineal metres

Works within road carriageway (formed road):  

Type C1 (Minor) application / Up to 2 square metres and/or 5 lineal metres


Type C2 (Major) application / Greater than 2 square metres and/or 5 lineal metres, but less than 10 square metres and/or 15 lineal metres

Project Work - Areas greater than the above category typesAt cost
Reinspection Fees for non-compliant works or missing information$275.00
Charge for works that are not remedied after non compliant inspection - monthly fee per site$150.00
Temporary Traffic managementAt cost of charge
Overweight and Overdimension Permit Fees 
Permit fees are in accordance with Waka Kotahi - vehicle dimensional and mass permitting manual (volume 1).
Additional costs can be charged for application with less than 3 days notice.
As per Waka Kotahi Permit Fees
Additional costs for investigation into feasibility of crossing bridges within proposed route  Actual Cost
Any work to facilitate the movement of an overweight or overdimension vehicle (ie signs/bridge engineering supervision)Actual Cost

Latter Street Car Park

(GST Inclusive)
Clamping release fee for unauthorised vehicles$84.00

Last updated: 30 Jun 2023