Sewer Fees

Services Consents - Connection/Disconnection - all locations $ Cost
Application 350.00
Inspection/re-inspection (per inspection) 175.00
Connection / disconnection (physical works) $ Cost
All pipe sizes and manholes - all locations Actual Cost
Trade Waste Charges $ Cost
Fixed costs - per cubic metre of consented median discharge volume per day 0.66
Variable costs - per cubic metre of discharge (invoiced after 1 July) 0.11
Inspection (per visit) 175.00
Special Liquid Waste Charges $ Cost
Disposal charge (per cubic metre) 8.00
Additional charge for high solids content (per cubic metre) 190.00
Solid waste requiring landfill disposal (per tonne) 265.00
  1. Depends on solids content. Minimum charge 1 cubic metre.