Key council publications

Below are submissions made by the Council on various topics to various agencies.

Topic Submission to Submission MadeSubmissionReferences
TDC Submission on Pricing Agricultural EmissionsMinistry for the EnvironmentNovember 2022

Pricing Agricultural Emissions webpage
TDC Submission on Self-contained Motor Vehicles Legislation BillEconomic Development, Science and Innovation CommitteeOctober 2022 Self-contained Motor Vehicles Legislation Bill
TDC Submission on Reshaping StreetsWaka Kotahi NZ Transport AgencySeptember 2022 Reshaping Streets consultation webpage
TDC Submission on Water Services Entities BillFinance and Expenditure Select CommitteeJuly 2022 Water Services Entities Bill Parliamentary webpage
TDC Submission on Draft National Adaptation Plan Ministry for the EnvironmentJune 2022 National Adaptation Plan webpage
TDC Submission on NZ freight and supply chain issues paperMinistry of TransportJune 2022 Freight and supply issues webpage
TDC Submission on Transforming Recycling to Ministry for the EnvironmentMinistry for the EnvironmentMay 2022 Transforming Recycling consultation webpage
TDC Submission on Draft NZ Guide to Temporary Traffic ManagementWaka Kotahi NZ Transport AgencyApril 2022 New Zealand guide to temporary traffic management
TDC Submission to Environment Canterbury Annual Plan 2022-23Environment Canterbury (ECan)April 2022 Ecan Annual Plans
Reform of Vocational EducationMinistry of Education (MoE)April 2019 Reform of Vocational Education Website
Environment Canterbury Annual Plan 2019/20Environment Canterbury (ECan)March 2019 ECan Annual Plans
Inquiry into Local Government Funding and FinancingProductivity CommissionFebruary 2019 Productivity Commission Website
Aotearoa New Zealand Government Tourism StrategyMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)February 2019 MBIE Consultation Website
Environment Canterbury Regional Public Transport Plan Environment Canterbury (ECan)October 2018 ECan Transport Plans
Reform of Residential Tenancies Act Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)October 2018 Housing & Urban Development Website
Healthy Homes StandardsMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)October 2018 Housing and Urban Development Website
Zero Carbon BillMinistry for the Environment (MfE)July 2018 MfE Website
International Visitor Conservation and Tourism LevyMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)July 2018 MBIE Website
Environment Canterbury Representation ReviewEnvironment Canterbury (ECan)July 2018 ECan Rep Review Website
Low-emission EconomyProductivity CommissionJune 2018 Productivity Commission Website
Local Government (Community Wellbeing) Amendment BillGovernance and Administration Select CommitteeMay 2018 NZ Parliament Website
Environment Canterbury Long Term Plan 2018-28Environment Canterbury March 2018 ECan Consultation Website
Environment Canterbury Regional Pest Management Strategy 2017-37Environment CanterburyJune 2017 ECan Pest Management Website
Aoraki - CPIT Proposed Merger Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister, Steven Joyce September 2015
The official website of the New Zealand Government
Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No.2) Local Government and Environment Select Committee July 2016 Local Government Act Amendment Bill (No 2) page

Last updated: 18 Nov 2022