$2M Stimulus Fund Now Open

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Published: 23 Jul 2020

Applications for Timaru District Council’s $2 million post-COVID stimulus fund are now open.

The one-off fund, which was agreed in the 2020/21 annual plan, is aimed at supporting initiatives that enhance and boost recovery in response to COVID-19, contributing to community wellbeing and stimulating economic activity.

Applications for the fund are now open, and must be submitted to the council by Friday 14 August. Funding announcements will be made on Tuesday 1 September.

Applicants must be Timaru District residents, ratepayers or organisations or have a physical presence in Timaru District. The fund will contribute a maximum of 25% of the overall cost of projects that:

  • Provide a public good in line with the  economic, social, cultural or environmental wellbeing of the Timaru District
  • Deliver tangible stimulus outcomes that benefit the Timaru District in the short term, with consideration for future and ongoing benefits to the District.
  • Seek to use innovation and creativity to support recovery, revitalisation and job protection or creation
  • Contribute to sustainable economic outcomes
  • Align to the Timaru District strategic direction

Projects not eligible for the fund are those principally advancing commercial or personal gain, those solely undertaking investigations such as scoping, research or feasibility that are unlikely to provide future stimulus, Private businesses, and Government agencies or sub-agencies.

Timaru District Mayor Nigel Bowen said that it was important for the council to contribute to the district’s recovery, particularly when other community funding options were limited.

“As part of our COVID response we decided to help to fund community projects that not only have a direct economic benefit but also strong social, cultural and environmental outcomes for the community.

“We’re hoping that through this one off fund, we’ll be able to provide support to a number of projects that may not have been able to go ahead without it.”

Applications must be made using the application form and must be with council by Friday 14 August.

For more information about the fund, visit timaru.govt.nz/stimulusfund

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As part of the overall $2 million fund, $150,000 has been allocated to Aoraki Development to support community-wide events that create stimulus within the Timaru District. For more information about this fund, contact: enquiries@aorakidevelopment.co.nz

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021