Downlands debut for innovative new pipe rehab

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Published: 19 Dec 2019

Timaru District Council’s adoption of an innovative water pipeline product for Downlands upgrade improve the speed, cost and longevity of future upgrades.

The product, SaniTube Liner, which has been brought to New Zealand by contractors Hadlee and Brunton, will be installed in the existing trunk main of the rural water scheme said Council Group Manager Infrastructure, Ashley Harper.

“The new product is stronger, more cost effective and requires the least disruption to surface infrastructure compared to open cut methodology,” Harper said.

“Multiple certified tests and applications in other countries have shown that SaniTube Liner performs as good if not better than standard water pipeline products while also being cost-effective.”

Due to the of the woven textile of the liner, which is pulled through the existing pipes to renovate them, the installation work can be split into small pits, which in the main can be away from local roads and state highways.

“Using this technique means that the staff numbers required to carry out the installation and the number of hours on-site are also significantly less than the open cut options,” said Harper.

“This will reduce disruptions to the surface infrastructure, and the impact of weather and unknown underground conditions that could affect construction downtime is significantly reduced.”

“The product is designed to have movement and flexibility to allow for pressure increases, as well as the massive tensile forces and deflection caused by earthquakes, so it is very difficult to be damage.

“Using the system also helps cut carbon footprint of the works by reducing over 95% of truck and plant movements to undertake the works.

“The product will be first used for the Downlands Water Supply Scheme upgrade early 2020. If this proves successful, it potentially could be applied to other water supply projects in our district and across New Zealand.”

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021