Plans to Strengthen Temuka Library underway

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Published: 09 Feb 2018

A programme of work to strengthen Temuka Library and Service Centre to meet new earthquake standards is now underway.

The library and service centre will remain open during the work, which will mainly focus on the fascia, parapets and the veranda of the building. Design work is underway, with building work expected to start in late May.

These issues were identified as part of a review of council buildings to meet its obligations under the new Earthquake Prone Building provisions of the Building Act.

Sharon Taylor, Group Manager Community Services, said that expert information regarding the relatively straightforward nature of the issue means that it’s safe for it to remain open during the strengthening works.

“The Library and Service Centre is an important facility for the community in Temuka and we’re working hard to ensure that we get these works done as quickly as we can.

“We’d like to assure you that the building is still safe to use before and during the works. This project is aimed at making sure this critical facility is better prepared when the next moderate earthquake happens.

“There may be some shifting of books and equipment during the work, but our library staff will be working hard to ensure everyone gets the services and resources they need over this period.”

Following the identification of the issue the council is legally obliged to display an earthquake prone building notice, until the building has been brought up above 34% of the seismic strength of a new building.

“The Temuka Library and Service Centre is one of the first buildings in the district to be displaying this notice, but people shouldn’t be unduly alarmed. The outcome of this work will be a stronger and more resilient library and service centre for the people of Temuka.”

General Info


  • This means the building, or part of it, is below 34% of the earthquake strength standard required in a new building.
  • The Building is not dangerous for daily use, but it, or parts of it, may not perform as well as a new building in the event of a moderate earthquake.
  • The Building Owner has 12.5 / 25 years to bring it up above the 34% mark.
  • This work will ensure a stronger built environment in Timaru District. Please support local businesses over this period.
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