West End Hall Open Day Today

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Published: 03 Nov 2017

People in Timaru will get their first chance to see for themselves the newly restored West End Hall at an open day today (Friday 3 November)

The works to restore the 93 year old hall, after it was almost completely destroyed by a fire in June 2016 were completed earlier this month, and the council is next week throwing the doors open to let people have their first look.

The formal opening of the hall will be on Friday 3 November at 3.30pm with tea and coffee and there will be a celebratory bake sale and sausage sizzle.

Group Manager Corporate Services Tina Rogers says that although at the time it was a huge loss to the community, the council has taken the opportunity to restore and renew the venerable hall.

“Our open day next week offers people the opportunity to have a first look at this new and improved facility, which we have respectfully restored after the fire last year,” she said.

“The hall has been an integral part of the community since it was built around 1924, hosting everything from weddings and dances to birthdays and Zumba classes, and it will be great to see it come back to life again.

“The improvements include the installation of heat pumps, a meeting room, a modern kitchen and bar, double-glazed windows and insulation, as well as a new wall to create a hallway outside the bathroom area and a cage for the waste bins to help ensure the hall is better protected from fire in the future.

“We’ve been sure to keep the original look and feel of the building, while offering the modern facilities and conveniences people expect.”

The hall was seriously damaged following a fire on 13 June, but has been reinstated in a $792,000 project funded from the insurance payout and some council funds.

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