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Published: 26 Oct 2017

Timaru District Council is reminding people that they need to take action to ensure they still have the option to install a low emission burner.

The deadline in the Timaru Clean Air Zone for taking steps to replace log burners older than 15 years with a Low Emission Burner (LEB) is October 31. After that anyone starting the process will have to install an Ultra Low Emission Burner (ULEB).

Environment Canterbury  has advised that they will accommodate  for delays outside of their control, but only if people start the replacement process before the October 31 deadline.

People with their names on a retailer’s waiting list or on their books, will be considered by Environment Canterbury  to have made a genuine step towards lodging a building consent. They will then treated as though they have met the deadline and will still be eligible to apply for a building consent  to install a Low Emission Burner.

This also extends to those who are waiting on building consent approval, waiting on a retailer to provide a quote, waiting on a retailer to lodge a consent on their behalf or waiting on the Environment Canterbury  subsidy process.

This approach from Environment Canterbury acknowledges that it may take some time for installations to take place so gives more breathing space for people, but it still requires them to make the first step, and to do so before October 31.

Timaru District Council Building Control Manager, Jayson Ellis advises people to take action now to ensure they have the full range of options available to them.

“This is the last practical opportunity for people in Timaru to take up the option to install a Low Emission Burner.

“After October 31, unless an owner has a specific resource consent from Environment Canterbury for their individual burner, which may be an expensive and time consuming process, the only allowable replacement option for residents is to fit a ULEB or a heating system such as a heat pump that doesn’t require consent.

“If you want to have an LEB installed, we’d advise everyone who is considering upgrading to speak to their retailer now, or if they need more information about their options to give Environment Canterbury a call.”

The Timaru Clean Air Zone includes both Timaru and Washdyke. Geraldine has a separate clean air zone which has different rules and timelines.

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Last updated: 24 Feb 2021