All Change at Redruth from July as new waste contract starts

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Published: 25 Jun 2021

Timaru’s popular three bin service will become a four bin service from July as the new waste management contract begins.

Contractors have delivered more than 20,000 of the new blue bins throughout the district in time for the first glass only collections – in the week of 5 July for the North Zone (including Temuka, Geraldine and Pleasant Point) and 12 July for the South Zone (including Timaru and Pareora).

From 1 July people should start putting glass into the blue bin, not the yellow bin. The blue bin will be collected fortnightly on the same day as their yellow bin.

Redruth Resource Recovery Park in Timaru will close for two days on Wednesday 30 June and Thursday 1 July to allow for the transition to the new operators. This will not affect kerbside collections and the transfer stations at Pleasant Point and Temuka will be open as normal.

Group Manager Infrastructure Andrew Dixon said that the team had been working hard to ensure the transition went as quickly and easily as possible.

“We’re confident that for the majority of people, remembering to put rinsed glass without lids in the blue bin, and putting it out at the same time as their yellow bin, will be the only significant change,” he said.

“Other things like collection days and site opening times won’t change, although people will see a fleet of smart new trucks on the street doing the collections.”

One area where the council is hoping to continue to see some change is the levels of contamination in our recycling bins.

“Thanks to many people taking more care we’ve managed to bring the contamination levels in our yellow bins down a bit, to just under 40%, and the introduction of the glass service will reduce this a bit further.

“However, we’ve still got some way to go in getting back up to regaining our position as a recycling leader in New Zealand.

“People just need to remember that tops and lids go in the red bin, nothing sticky or icky in the yellow bin and only plastics 1,2 and 5 can be recycled.

“If everyone follows these three simple rules we will significantly reduce contamination levels and stop reusable materials going to landfill.”

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Important points:

  • From 1 July rinsed glass should go in the blue bin, not the yellow bin.
  • The blue bin goes out fortnightly on the same day as the yellow bin.
  • Glass already in the yellow bin can stay there, but please don’t add any more.
  • Lids, Ceramics, Window Glass and Broken Glass should be wrapped and put in the red bin.
  • Don’t overfill your glass bin, excess glass can be dropped off for free at Redruth or Temuka, Geraldine or Pleasant Point transfer stations during opening hours.
  • For your safely, please fill the bin with some care.
  • If you haven’t received a blue bin yet, give us a ring on 03 687 7200.
  • The blue bins aren’t meant to have lids as they don’t need one. The lid is to keep light rubbish from being blown out of the bin by the wind, and to contain smells. None of these are an issue with a glass bin. There is a drainage hole in the bottom for rainwater to come out.

Last updated: 25 Jun 2021