Council proposes 2017/18 rates change

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Published: 02 Mar 2017

Timaru District Councillors and Community Board Members are being presented with a proposal to adopt a smaller rate increase than initial forecasts.

The 2.77% rate increase is contained in the Proposed Draft Annual Plan and Budget for the 2017/18 year, which will be presented at the next community board and council meetings in the coming weeks.

It is less than the 7.16% increase proposed in the 2015-25 Long Term Plan for the 2017/18 year and some uniform charges, such as the aquatic centre rate and the waste minimisation rate have remained unchanged.

Tina Rogers, Group Manager Corporate Services, says that the council remains committed to providing high quality services to the community in a sustainable and affordable way.

“The council has been keeping a focus on robust financial management, while ensuring we provide excellent local services and continue working to renew community assets.

“What this means for ratepayers is that we will be able to introduce a rate increase lower than that initially indicated in our Long Term Plan.

“The council is charged with providing many of the services you use every day, from turning on the tap to driving to work or going to the park or library, all of which is provided for an approximate average of $40 a week.

"The rates in Timaru District also include services that are charged for in some districts, such as rubbish and recycling, and water and wastewater.”

The relative split of expenditure amongst council services remains similar to previous years, with more than 60% of expenditure split across roading and pavements, water supply, sewerage and waste minimisation.

The draft annual budget will be discussed by Council in March for adoption in April, a full breakdown of council expenditure for the coming year will be published then.

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