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Published: 04 Mar 2021

Seaweek is a nationwide celebration of the connection that all of us have to the sea! From 6 March to the 14 March Timaru District Council and Environment Canterbury are leading a programme of fun and educational events to highlight that connection.

Events range from a themed exhibition at Aigantighe Art Gallery to an eco-friendly carwash for charity. There is something for everyone and each event offers an opportunity for people to consider the intricate, important relationship between sea and city.

Uki Dele, Timaru District Council Stormwater Specialist said the week is aimed to increase knowledge of how Stormwater affects the Sea and environment across the district.

Stormwater is the water that runs off roofs, roads, footpaths and other hard surfaces. Carried through a network of drains and overland flow paths, Stormwater eventually flows into the waterways and ocean.

The Stormwater network is not like the wastewater/sewer network as it is not treated prior to the water entering the environment.

“Stormwater flows into our waterways and then eventually, to the ocean so it is important that we consider what goes down the drain.

“As an important part of our infrastructure and our environment, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that they’re Stormwater savvy to protect our environment.

“Sadly, there are common activities we do that introduce contaminates into our Stormwater and waterways” Sad Uki.

Seaweek is an opportunity for us to learn more about how we can prevent contaminates from getting into the Stormwater system and the sea.

“A day of DIY or cleaning your car in the driveway may seem innocent but can have a significant negative affect on the health and quality of waterways including the sea.”

Over Seaweek there are lots of opportunities to win cool prizes. On the 7th of March head down to Caroline Bay to take part in The Breeze Big Beach Dig, or enter into one of the Seaweek competitions.

#seaweektimaru is simple to enter! Take a picture or a video of you doing something to improve the water quality in our district. Head to to get some ideas.

Participants will go in the draw to win one of 20 free carwashes courtesy of Z Caroline Bay! Participants must be over 13 years of age and live in the Timaru District.

The week finishes up with an eco-friendly charity carwash on Sunday the 14th of March. Timaru District Council is hosting the carwash in the library carpark to demonstrate best practice when it comes to giving the exterior of your car a spruce. The way that the majority of people clean their cars can cause a lot of damage to the environment and Timaru District Council hopes that the lessons from Seaweek will become common practice in the community.

If you want to learn more about the relationship between stormwater and city you can attend the Otipua/Saltwater creek catchment group meeting, visit the stormwater information stall at The Breeze Big Beach Dig or join the guided walk through Waitarakao/Washdyke Lagoon. Details at

All events are subject to Ministry of Health Alert Level Restrictions. Any cancellations will be updated on our Website and Social Media channels.

Last updated: 04 Mar 2021