Give your yellow bin what it wants this Christmas

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Published: 24 Dec 2016

Christmas is coming and it’s the time not to forget about those that have silently worked all year to help you.

Yes, remember to give your yellow recycling bin what it want this Christmas, all your cans, bottles, cardboard boxes, paper gift wrap and other packaging.

Timaru District Council Zero Waste Advisor, Briony Woodnorth says that with all the celebrating and gifts being exchanged this Christmas comes a massive increase in packaging.

“Luckily in Timaru District we’re well set up to deal with the majority of it, our state of the art Materials Recycling Facility will ensure that all the glass, plastic, paper, metal and card goes on to be put to better use rather than sent to landfill.

“If the amount becomes too much for your Yellow Bin, remember you can drop off recyclable materials at any of our transfer stations for free!

“Don’t forget there’s also the green bin for that leftover turkey carcass, once you’ve gone through the ‘101 things to do with turkey’ recipe book, and any other food that may be left over. And don’t forget that paper napkins can also go in the green bin.”

“Remember, recycling is for life, not just for Christmas.”

Bin collections across the district continue as normal this Christmas and New Year period. For more details see here

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021