Study launches consultation on future of town centres

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Published: 15 Feb 2017

A new report presenting options to address the issues and opportunities involved in the development of Timaru District town centres has been published today by Timaru District Council.

The District Town Centres Study report is now available here.

The initial objectives of the District Town Centres Study stemmed from a need to respond to issues surrounding the:

*           economic, social and cultural significance of the town centres;

*           the District Plan Review;

*           earthquake prone buildings amendments to the Building Act;

*           potential for out-of-centre large format retail development and internet shopping to draw trade away from the town centres.

Mark Geddes, District Planning Manager, said that the study has confirmed the importance of the District’s Town Centres and the significance they have to the economy of the district as well as its social and cultural wellbeing.

“However, the study has also confirmed that our town centres are subject to some major pressures, which if not addressed, will be a considerable threat to their economic primacy and to the investment contained within them,” Geddes said.

“The study has also identified some major opportunities of which the town centres can take advantage.”

The report is being initially used as a supporting document for a targeted consultation programme currently underway with the Timaru CBD stakeholders.  

Assisted by Aoraki Development, the Timaru District economic development agency, the group of CBD stakeholders is holding two workshops at the Landing Services Conference Centre later this month to give stakeholders a chance to have their say about the future for the Timaru CBD.

Aoraki Development is assisting in facilitating the consultation process and providing administrative support to the stakeholders group.

CBD businessman and spokesperson for the group, Nigel Bowen, said “A key to the consultation programme is to discuss town centre matters with those directly affected.
“Both the workshops and the District Town Centres Study will provide information to those attending and be used to inform the development a town centre strategy”.  

The District Town Centres Study report is now available here

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