Timaru District Council Seeking Public Feedback

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Published: 17 Feb 2016

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving services, the Timaru District Council is to survey 400 of its residents.

“Hearing directly from our residents how well they think we are doing is very important to us. The best way to do this is to interview a representative cross-section of people, and to have this done by an independent group to ensure impartiality” says Chief Executive Peter Nixon.

Key Research, an independent market research company will conduct the survey and report to the Council.

People living across the district will be phoned and asked about their satisfaction with services the Council delivers. Participants will be randomly selected, with the sample reflecting the population distribution, gender and age structure of the District.

The survey will start later this week with respondents being interviewed over the next four months.

The survey will be asking for views on the major services and amenities Council provides such as water supply, stormwater and sewage systems, the libraries, museum and art gallery.  Residents will also be asked about their satisfaction with any dealings they have had with Council and whether they consider they get value for money for their rates.

Results are expected in June this year and will be included in the Annual Report as well as being used to help prioritise future planning for improvements to Council services.

For further information, please contact:

Mark Low,

Timaru District Council,
Phone 03 687 7200

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