New welcome signs give striking sense of arrival

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Published: 17 Sep 2019

People entering the Timaru District from Fairlie will get a fresh welcome with the installation of the first of a series of welcome signs.

The first of the new steel signs, which will be getting installed on the five main road entrances to Timaru District, is being installed on State Highway 8 near Cave. The other four covering the other major entrances to the district will be installed over the next two months.

Council Land Transport Manager Andrew Dixon said that the striking new signs will better reflect the district through their scale, materials and artwork.

“The new signs have been designed by local artist Debbie Templeton-Page in collaboration with designer Matt Searles, and were fabricated by Timaru firms Linear Design Limited and BJ Scarlett.

“They are striking public artworks that offer a unique welcome to our district.

“The majority of the signs are made of weathering steel, which will gain an attractive patina of rust over time to gain a natural look that reflects the maritime, industrial and rural aspects of the district. The name panel is in stainless steel, which will remain clear.

“The five pillars feature abstract reflections of the amazing aspects of our district: our people, our rivers, our nature, our sea and our mountains.”

The signs were developed by a mayoral-led signage committee, set up to replace the 25 year old wooden signs, which had become faded, cracked and in many cases unnoticed by people entering the district. The project has a total budget of $120,000, which was originally set out in the previous Long Term Plan.

“These aren’t just run of the mill signs, they are artworks that highlight the world-class creativity and engineering skill we have in our district, and will give people a proper sense of arrival to for many years to come,” said Andrew.

Five district entrances are at:

  • SH8 Pleasant Point-Cave
  • SH79 Geraldine-Fairlie
  • Geraldine-Arundel Rd
  • SH1 at Rangitata Island Rd
  • SH1 Pareora

The first sign has been installed today, the next four are on forecast to be installed by end of October.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021